Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I remember almost twenty years ago when I talked with a friend about possible divorce and she advised me to NOT leave this farm because it's my serenity. I'm glad I listened to her because it's been a huge blessing in spite of the cost of living perched on a hill in house that's almost a hundred years old. Um hmm. No wonder there's a pine grove to break the northwesterly wind coming across the fields. That was a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Council as well as the perennials that come back year after year and bloom like crazy. His autograph is on the basement wall along with BGs and about half of her junior high class. Yep..I was a real party mom who didn't know my limits even then. The good thing about all of it is that I am friends with all of them in a way that a mother never can be to her own as a teenager. The way I see it, my role as parent was done when I got her raised up so why not be friends and teammates now? Geez, man. It beats trying to stay afloat by yourself! There is a wishy washy third roomie who is about to be history unless some fat $$ show up quick. For the first time in a long time, there's not even a piece of bread in the house. Just ketchup and mayo. Oh, and a gallon jug of pickles.

Flu season is not a real happy time in the medical sector and I will never understand why people want to run out and spend money just to find out they've got the flu (which they plainly do) and expose others to it in the process. Stay your nasty ass self at home and don't come back until it's done. Seriously. There is no treatment other than let it run the course and rest. Period. Tamiflu sometimes works, but mostly not. The key to avoiding it is to avoid exposures. As a society we are trained to jump right on the hamster's wheel whenever there's something that might require common sense and rest to heal. Viruses are mean ass bitches, ya'll. Antibiotics don't help so don't expect a shot either.

As of today, both our city and county school systems have received bomb threats requiring police intervention to investigate. To think that some idiot got his jollies using all that manpower just to play a joke is sickening. What if there were a REAL freakin' emergency??? I refuse to say that I have no faith or hope, but I do believe as my friend Chuck said that "America is broken." It is do or die time for we the people and I feel the stirring of a peaceful revolution, one that demands respect and justice. For people to be finding places to turn in their guns is amazing. While everybody poo-pooed the Occupy movement and said they were much ado about nothing, I respect their method of showing us just how we as a society have been screwed by speculative trading of not just mortgages but commodities like grain and oil. And then there are the big banks. I kid you not, I've got one after me for a measly sum, relatively speaking, and they just refuse to give it up even though the debt is ten years old and has been returned to them from a collection agency. I would not dare name names though...just think Jimmy Fallon.

My brother's border collie had her first litter last night of eight pups so he's a grandpa and loves it. We went together last January to pick her out at the breeder's house and she's a sweet and gentle as Bandit was rowdy. I can't believe it, but people are still trying to unload give me animals when you can barely walk around now. At least the furniture is moved out of the maze like pattern that we walked ever since picking it up at bossfriend's house.

As for me and mine, it's a hard candy Christmas as Dolly would say. And that's alright, because baby jeebus would love the simplicity of it ^j^

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