Wednesday, December 26, 2012

snow day

I got a friendly call from a bill collector early that woke me out of a sound sleep to find not the blizzard that was predicted...only enough snow to be pretty but not make a mess. I had two or three dogs in the bed snuggled up to me and really hated to get out of the warm spot so we laid there awhile longer savoring the opportunity to just be. It's so cold up in here I'm trying to generate heat by any means so it was a good excuse to wash the dishes in hot soap. After that I took the camera for a (quite brief) walk around the yard and marveled at the way mother nature can just put art right in front of a beholder's eye. Beautiful scenery out here ya'll. Birds and squirrels are scurrying everywhere looking for food. I haven't bought any sunflower seed so there aren't many cardinals. There is snow on Faith's grave, a gentle reminder that she is gone in dog body but never in spirit.

I threw away the grocery list when I was cleaning at mama's the other day which I think is a hoot and she seems to agree. If ya'll could have seen the steam coming out of my daddy's ears when I dared to move his stuff! I'm about the only one that it still works on but I'm learning. The old man is in charge of his destiny to a point, but it takes a village and I'm the idiot. We had a contingency plan for a move to a motel if the blizzard really came but thank goodness that didn't have to be. being in therapy again has helped my sanity when it comes to dealing with all that. I have to just know when to walk away from it, knowing that I've done my best.

When I was a kid, the best place in town to play in the snow was behind the high school on College street. More than one nose got broken sliding that that giant hill between the school and the football field. Fun times for several generations! My mother grew up across the street from the school in a beautiful red brick home where all of her friends gathered. Daddy took the bus from out in the county or caught a ride with somebody to that same school where they met. I'm sure he also walked five miles in the snow at some point in time.

Gotta get back under the covers ya'll. See you in the spring ^j^

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