Monday, December 3, 2012

a long winter's nap

I slept until noon today waking now and then to watch the sun climbing ever higher as I snuggled with the dogs. Ryder is as big as a person so it's a good thing the bed is large. BG remarked that she had never seen me do that. My response: "I've never been that tired." Fifteen hours ya'll. And you know what? I just may do it again tonight.

The finances continue to look bleaker by the day but I'm trying to learn how to handle them in "real time." Sometimes, when you're sitting in the bottom of a real big hole, that seems impossible. I can promise one thing: If I ever get out, I sure won't go back to it. Predatory lending practices in times like these are rampant and are more and more being relied upon as a way to make it from check to check.

I'm sitting here calmly believing that if the GOP doesn't play nice during the next few weeks, we're all screwed. In a country as broke as ours, who gives a rat's ass if billionaires pay more tax. Many of them came to have that money from Wall Street and we all know how that worked out for the middle class. Most baby boomers never recovered the money that they lost from investments toward retirement when the whole thing went belly up.

I'm sick as a dog...all swollen lymph nodes and achy body. No fever yet so hopefully it's not the flu. Had the shot, but that doesn't always work! A quick trip to the pharm for allergy and thyroid meds and a few groceries and we're all in for the day. My room is clean for a change so maybe I can get that tree up. I just know it will lift our spirits.


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