Monday, December 10, 2012

timing is everything

Today was a go to the doctor one for mom and daddy so BG picked 'em up and we all met when I got off. Their GP is a real sweetheart who understands the elderly and those who care. Mom mentioned to him how she feels like paying cash for that last year of healthcare education has turned out to be worth it. The doc shared that many of his patients have no family or friends at all to help carry the load. Daddy cracked a joke about what "the other guy" in the fight looked like to make light of his numerous facial abrasions. We are headed to the cardiologist for follow up on that little heart scare before he freaks the f**k out and gives himself the big one. Lord,have,mercy. He tried to wiggle out of it but the doc won in the end. See ya in January dude!

It's cold now and that's okay. My breathing is much better even when my fingers are freezing. The interwebs will be gone after today so don't expect much Poops 'til the bills get caught up, if ever. Maybe by then I'll be wireless! Still looking on a deal for a Nook to replace the one that Ryder chomped on. I can tell Michelle misses it! We had a budget committee meeting today and found that I am not YET in the hole which is a miracle because you just never know these days what with the fiscal cliff looming and all that. There is a part of me that wants to be a liberal Republican so bad that I can't stand it, and all that party keeps producing is idiots. This year's campaign was a farce of epic proportion. Rick Perry? Ya'll please! As Mahala would say "Sweet Bebe Jeebus." My friend at work and I were chatting about that very thing and our conversation turned to all doom and gloom and a loss of humanity. That's when I walked off and found something to do. He's cute as pie but worries wayyyyyyyy too much.

Surely I'll manage a FB post from BG's phone or something between now and then. Ya'll know I can't do without. Right?

Kiss your your parents....keep the faith ^j^

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