Monday, December 17, 2012

talk therapy

Thank you very much Dr. Freud and every other great thinker who instilled within me the desire for self preservation when the old noggin' feels like it's jelly. Yesterday was a meltdown of epic proportions whereas I began to rant and rave like a crazy woman and proceeded to call my therapist. Thank the lort' he called me back and got that authorization number. I've known for quite some time that I'm in wayyyy over my head baggage wise what with my personal fiscal cliff and the grands. I have lost myself again, and I swore I'd never do that. My bad.

There's a whole lot of therapy going on around the world right now while we try to even comprehend how babies and their keepers can be gunned down that quickly. As with 9/11, I see a yearning for the families of these martyrs to be heard and held in their grief. That the GOP is finally shutting the f**k up for two minutes makes me sure that there's a Santa. Get over the damn line ya'll. It is not about you, but we the people who pay your salary. Hunters have nothing to be worried about in this conversation. It always has and always will be a basic right to hunt for food and defend yourself at home. A souped up automatic weapon isn't required. Just ask any guy who bow hunts. Additional munition rounds, not necessary unless you're planning on mass murder. Any questions?

Personally, I see this as a sign from Big Ernie that we've got our priorities all wrong kind of like when he smacked down all of those heathens that worshiped idols. One of my high school friends wrote a book about Rahab putting her own personal touch on things and it's a must read. Said her experiences with the publishing industry are not good but she's more of a drama queen. Bless her heart, she jumped right out of that car to help put out the fire in the pasture when I burned off the asparagus. We went to see RENT together. She spent time with her sister and slept in BG's' bed. Haven't seen her since.

My point? Sometimes I don't have one and just feel like having a debate for the sake of sharing ideas in the hope that somehow peace will come to us as Big Ernie's gifts of faith. There is no right/wrong/black/white in my world...only gray and the pastels. And maybe some hot pink and turquoise on a special occasion like ladies night out. Chatting with the counselor today on the phone (love that concept, by the way) I found a place where I was ready and willing to stop enabling a situation that I know is not safe and is killing me slowly and not very softly.

Feliz Navidad ^j^

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