Sunday, December 23, 2012

fa la la la la!

We made it to the family gathering this afternoon with a pecan pie and walker in tow. When we left, it was with a box full of canned goods from KY and a mason jar on a stem for me. I LOVE it! There are some things that only southern folks get. There were several generations there, some that I've not seen two or three years before they all had girlfriends or babies in the oven. My cousins and I, four girls in the midst of family history, sat back and just took it all in. Two of Aunt Granny's great grandboys founds balls and played a little soccer, then the oldest discovered a bugle. We gave 'em about fifteen minutes with that and hid all the stuff! Mo's back yard is like a little haven with live cool weather plants still thriving. A former catering gal, she knows her stuff when it comes to entertaining. Better her than me!

I had a Miracle on 34th Street moment when I passed by the front door for the fifth time to see a package laying there that was recently placed by the USPS, of course. The mailer is distinctive this time of year decorated with red and green and most definitely from Blog Fairy. I tiptoed into BG's room and mentioned that BF had flown...she was more excited than me! Inside I found the usual assortment of things I need (we know BF is a girl because no guy would ever go to that much thoughtfulness and if he did I'd be his wife Sugarmomma.) including a mousepad with a picture of Faith and her puppies. We like to have died, ya'll. Whomever this person is knows what we've been through as a family the past few years, and feels our pain. Merry Christmas BF...I believe.

I'm working one day and brother the other during Christmas so we're doing our own separate things with the grands which is not a bad thing because the housekeeper is with her own family. This woman is an absolute angel in my book for putting up with the day to day operations in a household with two very challenging elders. And she ain't no spring chick herself!! We are grateful to her beyond belief.

When I finally made it home BG and her friend were sitting at the "round table" which is really square, in our kitchen. Our friend is preggers so she got the baby bathtub that's been sittin' around here for years (don't ask) and they headed out for a little shopping to help their other friend who is having a hard time. I read in the newspaper today about anonymous local folks paying out layaways at the dollar stores for people and was amazed at how it seems to really be catching on that anonymous giving is what J would do.

I've never had the money to do stuff like that, but I have honored the folks who believed in me by gifting them with other things. 'Tis better to give reasonably and not pay off a plastic debt for six months in the name of a jolly fat man who has nothing at all to do with the birth of Christ or any other religious holiday of the season.

Since I get to sleep in tomorrow, better go fluff up those brand new jammies. Simple pleasures kid. Simple pleasures.

Merry Chritmas all ya'll. Tell your mama'n'them I said keep the faith j^

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