Thursday, December 13, 2012

hold my beer and watch this

My cousin who lives on an island off the Pacific coast was kind enough to make a monetary offer to keep me online for a couple of months. Time differences included, the entire process turned into a two day affair of the provider not having any real people to take a call from someone and her attempting to pay online only MY card number was the one on file and I didn't have enough to cover it. She called shortly after that to tell me she thought she had effed up so we've been on a mission to keep me from being overdrawn. This was my first experience with wiring $$ and will be the last because that is a very expensive bank charge. But you know what? I'm feeling blessed just to not be below zero.

Meanwhile, nobody pissed me off at the sawmill so it was a good day that didn't require pharmacy intervention other than the usual. That's always a plus, no doubt. Mama summoned me to count her pills after work so here I went with the front air conditioned trusty old Camry down the road to find the home health nurse with lots of questions about this past weekend's cardiac event. Pills were counted and hugs exchanged and I headed up the lane with the temporary fix of a garbage bag and duct tape flapping in the breeze.

I thought today about how much I have changed over the years as calamity has hit and run through my life. There was a time when the most important thing on my agenda was being nice like a good little southern gal. Needless to say that didn't last long, if you know what I mean. My parents came from entirely different backgrounds, hers privileged thanks to the post WWII economic boom and his a stark study in share cropping. Daddy was a peripheral figure in my life as the lone girl, never one to be very sweet or express emotion to me. To this day, he won't say the L word but I throw it out there anyway.

So last I heard WA cousin was sitting in the ferry line waiting to get back to the house with her artist hubby. I lost her somewhere up in that transition. S'okay. I always know she's there. I priced a window and motor for the one that got killed yesterday and it looks like about 130 bucks. I absolutely refuse to give up on that kinda' new motor that Toyota was forced to give me following the gigantic oil gel settlement ordeal. But that's a whole 'nother story.

Merry Christmas ya'll ^j^

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