Sunday, December 2, 2012

small town glory

It was day three at the sawmill but I managed to get away in time to slip into the funeral home where my buddy was laid out for a viewing with a packed out house. As I made my way through the crowd I spotted two of my favorite guys all decked out in suits ready to do what guys do when burying time comes. I hugged them both in a way that required no words and moved on toward his family. As I walked back out to the Camry, I thought about the irony of parking in his employer's lot next door for this final visit. He looked nothing like the guy who has sold me every appliance I've owned as an adult and always had some glasses on a string around his neck. Yes indeed. Rodney will.

We are still kind of bummed around Casa Poops. I found myself searching "chocolate lab" today just to see a face that looks like hers. Yeah, I know. I should probably get a grip, and I will after the wounds have healed a bit. Her death was just the straw that broke this camel's back. The dynamics of every part of my life are changing and right now all I feel that I can do is rest so that the next hill will be within reach. We had a lively conversation at the lunch table about politics and priorities and as usual, I was outnumbered. And not because I'm a crazy left wing liberal. Just because I don't see socialism in our president's plan for our country. All it took to get that little item out in the open was me bitchin' about how the GOP had better do something quick in the House because the cliff is looming. Give and take, ya'll. It's called compromise.

We also discussed the fact that global warming and climate change have been proven and preached for years yet so many have chosen to ignore the warnings that our infrastructure is not prepared for rises in sea level and other effects of said environmental changes. Two words on that ya'll. Katrina and Sandy. Oh..and while we're at it, let's kick BP's ass one more time for poisoning the gulf. Those folks have more money than God and to keep that cash flowing, they will suppress evidence that their product is at fault for anything. Hell..give me a bicycle. I used to have a neighbor who rode one to work every day.

I saw a large contingency of one local church congregation today during my in and out at the FH including my best friend's mother. She and Daddy are the same age but she looks a whole lot better than him! My horoscope in the newspaper today said something about the long awaited result of this epic struggle that is my life and a love interest. If I can scrape up the energy I'll be sure to step up that hung for Sugardaddy.

Over and out. Feliz Navidad!

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