Saturday, December 15, 2012

creative thinking

Sometime during the night, the not very elaborate setup I had with a roll of plastic over the window secured by bricks managed to crash to the ground (windy!) and I woke up just in time this morning to get it covered back up during a nice cold shower. With no shoes, just socks. I was in serious get 'er done mode. After the rain passed I took her out for a ride and came home to do a little bit better job involving scissors and electrical tape. The bits of blue construction tape are still all around the damn thing, a memory of our light green garbage bag experiment. Too thin! Next Friday is payday. Maybe I can make a trip to the junkyard.

The entire world is chattering about the shootings in Newton, and rightfully so. We have become our own worst enemy in many respects, and availability of assault weapons is just one factor. Our emphasis on money and power is atrocious and makes me sad to be an American. We have failed our citizens miserably in providing basic tools to detect and prevent such incidents simply because of the freedoms guaranteed by law. Almost always, the perp in this type of case is considered to be of ABOVE average intelligence. To me, this means he's got lots of smarts to team up with the "voices" that drive him. Add to that family drama and available weapons and you've got yourself a deadly problem. I would like to address my biggest concern about people like Mike Huckabee who have taken this tragedy and attempted to further their own agendas like "returning god to schools." Here's a news flash for 'ya buddy.....Big Ernie has been there all the time with or without public prayer. Kids and teachers take him up in the buildings every single day with them, praying privately for a good day and blessings. To use this incident as proof positive that we should go twenty years backward in education policy is absurd and not very Christ like. Just sayin. We don't have mandatory prayer in my workplace either, but you can bet your sweet ass I send them up daily for our patients, my co-workers and their families. That's the cool thing about being a don't have anything to prove except faith itself.

It's umm...9 days until Santa comes? I've lost track of time with the "seasonal" things getting lost in a blur of bad luck and trying to survive. It's only been a week since Daddy had his little heart spell yet it seems like a month. He called yesterday after I got hunkered down wanting to go get bandaids for his head and I gently reminded him that the doc said to leave uncovered. I didn't have the heart to get back in that windowless car and burn gas going to the dollar store just because he was bored. I'm patient, but there comes a point when you realize you're an enabler and refuse to play any more. I am most definitely there.

The ancient pecan trees are swaying in the wind. Had there been a crop, this would have been the end of it but even the squirrels are having a hard time this year. I reckon they'll have to settle for acorns. The wheat is absolutely gorgeous and a welcome reprieve from acres of corn. Maybe some of that straw will go towards next year's garden. I am determined to grow much of my own this year simply because it's cheaper and I'm all about cheap these days. Home grown is much healthier than processed and does good things for the environment. It's a no-brainer if one is willing to get a little dirty, which I totally am. One reason I never paint my nails is because there's always a little bit of mother earth under them ;)

Peace and love ^j^

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