Sunday, December 30, 2012


I know all ya'll are just dying for an update on this Sunday's breakfast at the doughnut and egg place formally known as Daylight! Their day starts at 4AM getting ready for the hungry hoards who come calling for anything you can dream up for breakfast. They just got these little paper bakers hats for the kids and they're too cute. I saw a couple of girls grab them on the way out so I shared one with the little girl across the way. Cute.As.Pie. Their SS class is always there moving tables around to fit in all their crew. Sometimes I see old friends. Sometimes nobody but the beloved Seller's class. Since I was on the front end of the shuttle today I wandered in to find him hurrying her up like the world would end if he didn't "get there on time." She talks back now and tells him to give her some space. You go mom!! Slowly put on lipstick, donned gloves and put on her mink coat. Ain't nothing not styling about this lady.

Since I'm in a remembering kind of mood, I am of course eternally grateful to BF and all my other friends of the interwebs for friendship and love through the years. Miss Idgie, God love her, told me the other day that I was the oldest blog friend she has. Now ain't that something? Back in the day she started an online magazine from the Atlanta area featuring all things southern with an emphasis on the written word and story telling. Ya'll all should go see her at Dew on the Kudzu. She's a damn hoot. She used to blog about how the people at the drive in alcohol place knew what she wanted without asking because she was a frequent flyer. By golly I wish we had that here in the 'burg. Tell Idgie that Poopie sent you.

I have a puzzle that will more than likely go to the crematorium with me, handmade years ago by a sweet guy in upstate New York. It is mulitcolored and the pieces fit just right spelling out the word angel. She tends to fall over if not propped up, but I cherish her with all my heart. My friend Anita painted mugs for me with Pecan Lane on them and that is another heirloom. Notice that's not plural because one got broken ;) Risible Girl and Jenny.. I met at about the same time. Both are soul sisters as well as many more like Mahala and Kenju. Lois Twater is the funniest bitch you'll ever hope to meet. She did Second City to train for doing stand up but truth be told, she was funny as shit without it. Turkey testicle festival my ass. I had a private session yesterday with a friend in Philly who used to read tarot cards but now works with angels. She gave me one "free" question and of course it was about what to do with the parents thing. It took about ten minutes of chat for me to let go and let Big Ernie. I am a rock, for sure, but not an island.

It was cold as a you know what last night and this morning, but it's warming up and the sun feels good. I still have a couch laying in the yard like the redneck that I am, but it's too wet to burn so why bother. One of the first male bloggers I met was Follow That Star (FTS for short). He lived in Dallas and called me one day while he was on the freeway with a blue tooth. Talk about culture shock. He and a couple of other bloggers put together a site that was technically unique and quite inspirational. Don't have a clue where any of them are. Or the smartass photographer, for that matter. I met him and South Knox Bubba during the time when I was just learning my way around. They both had me from the word liberal. SKB's signature response was "Okay, then."

During that time there was all kinds of attention being paid to bloggers by other media providers. My home state picked mine as something above average and was even mentioned in an East Tennessee news outlet. That was years ago and many miles away. I've got two guys right now as my wingmen who are both bloggers and artists and they have committed been drafted to help me do whatever it is I'm supposed to accomplish as my legacy. I have both of theirs in my bookshelf, signed sealed and delivered along with a collection of sixties era Nancy Drew mysteries. Wonder what I can get for them and the stupid baseball card collection??

As I sat in the thinly populated church parking lot waiting for my parents to come out, I gazed on the stucco and stained glass and remembering growing my faith there. The rituals are not something that appeal to me now, but I still know all the words from years on end of reciting liturgy. My family has four generations of history in that place and I don't take it lightly. I hauled off ten bags of garbage this morning, piled up due to the weather. Fed Pride and took a picture of his ornery ass.

All is well.

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  1. I fondly remember FTS, last I heard he was headed for the Rockies in Colorado.

    I kind of gathered that was why I was made manager on that other social hell

    We will git r done, no question.