Sunday, May 1, 2016

tennessee waltz

Our state has been Republican for so long that I hardly remember the old days of Blanton and such.  Frank Clement?  Winfield Dunn. Phil Bredesen was my favorite.  Poor Haslam is trying to be a bit progressive but the old farts just won't get with his programs.  Or at least that's the excuse.  The history of our state is legendary from the Big Muddy to Gatlinburg and beyond.  The most beautiful road trip I ever took was from the Ocoee River across and up North Carolina back onto I-40.  I met a new co-worker who lives in that area and is moonlighting.  His daughter is doing her first tour as a rafting guide this summer.  The water that flows down the canyon is TVA controlled by a dam and water is released on schedule during the months that river people like to play.  I did it twice, and  it was the most fun I can say I ever had thus far in life.  Of course that could change at any moment.

I'm headed to see BG tomorrow with a few things she requested like her Daddy's ashes.  He's been riding in the Cadi since last fall and now that car is parked under the big ass pine tree not running.  It's time for him to go home and I see that her being where she is came from his determination to be her hero and his faith in working the steps.  It's a God thing, if you will.

Nashville is the home of country music and Memphis has Graceland.  Lake County Tennessee is home to one of the greatest wonders of the world aka Reelfoot Lake and fried fish.  My friends hold a collection of history that documents the passage of time in that little corner and it will go to the museum of history at the state park.

SO! Now it's Sunday and I've made a quick trip to visit Lauren at her new house.  It's a very controlled environment and should be.  Their model of addiction treatment is very successful and well led.  Pnoler's ashes are delivered to BG for sprinkling, when she's ready of course.  I have a feeling he'll be sitting by her bed for quite awhile.  I met lots of new people today and liked most of them.  In a sense, it was like church only without the hymns.  Does that make sense?  Annie called to share a story about her own granddaughter who is 14 hand writing a note to Lauren because she can't see to do it.  Our system rocks, dontcha' know?  So it rained for two days solid and today was only 20% only the heavens opened up right when I hit Campbell and I floated on out to 412.  Looks like round 2 is on the way toward the lane as we speak.

serenity ~

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