Wednesday, May 18, 2016


In recovery talk that's a no contact time for the client.  It happens at each transition just to make sure everybody's with the program and don't get stupid.  The rules change with every move and it's a true test of who is flexible enough to work with change.  In spite of what Sandra Bullock portrayed, it takes a whole helluva lot more than 28 days.  A sober living COMMUNITY is the only real pathway to staying clean yet there are pitfalls even there.  Friends made while sober for a few weeks often hit the streets back to usual and run into the recovering client.  That's when God has a hand in things.  Believe it or not, social de-tox is a real thing what with all our devices to be addicted to.  That's why it's so important to establish residency where you don't have sources.

We have very important people walking around the sawmill taking notes.  Thanks be to the lort, our close scrutiny was two weeks ago and I got to leave on time.  Lunch breaks are now spent running errands and eating in the car because *corporate.  Until I was mandated to do it, I never realized how much of a life saver it is just to change scenery for 30 minutes.  No noise except for the rumble of the Camry.  The value menu at Wendy's beats the 6 dolla' special at work.  Just saying.

So.  The DNC all has their panties in a wad over Bernie supporters questioning the vote which is very close,  by the way, in a non delegate sort of way.  If you follow the big wins for both he and Hillary it's quite plain to see that his crowd is much more progressive in states where there aren't that many rednecks conservatives and high dollar Dems.  What I see shaping up is something that America has never seen, Ralph Nader and Ross Perot notwithstanding.   For the histrionic DNC leadership to suggest that Sanders supporters might get violent at the convention is absurd and a nasty tactic.  Play nice DWS.

Believe it or not, it's still chilly.  Heather sent me the forecast for our beach place and it looks almost perfect. Low 80s all week!  I'm getting organized slowly which is the only way I know how.  There's bound to be a name for that syndrome other than procrastination.  If so, I need a cure.  The babysteps that I take to get up and move ahead feel good.  And what's up.

Waves ~


  1. Glad your weather will be warm at the beach. It was 64 here today - snowball winter, for sure. It can leave anytime now and I'll be happy.

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