Saturday, May 7, 2016


My eyes popped open right at daybreak and there was STILL no toilet paper so here I go to the chicken store.  As I approached I could see the blue lights flashing  up from Boss Hoss.  There was a truck and a car from city and as I rolled by a county car joined the scene.  They had two blonde chicks outside of a white Mustang and were patting them down for what looked like an arrest.  Not sure what all that was about because they looked like nice girls.  Anywho....

So, it's Mother's day weekend and big sale day down the road.  I'm keeping my distance because why watch strangers pick over my parents' legacy?  Maybe later but I doubt it.  I knew that it would be a tough Mother's day and so I'm delighted to be spending it with my very own daughter.  MeMaw will be present in spirit.  Marfie came by and bought some cookbooks after visiting the sale yesterday and I had to find chairs so we could sit at the table like real people.  It's still a wreck around here but getting better.

The dogs were going nuts on the steps yesterday so I ventured out to find a snakeskin out there which looked pretty new as in Mr. Snake just left it!  This is when I'm grateful for Ryan's weedeating skills, even if Jr. does mow down the asparagus.  Twice.  The season is over and the ferns stand proud and tall.  Mom made me a picture one year of the horse eating asparagus over the fence.  Priceless!  It was all fenced then and slowly but surely as critters have moved on the fences went away.  These are the ones that my Daddy spent many a hard day patching and repairing.  Cows are hell are barbed wire.

An old friend messaged that he's in town and might come by which is cool.  He was one of the original tribe of kids who stayed around here forever when they were teenagers and beyond.  They have all scattered but still consider me to be their otha' mother.  Bobby D was one of about 6 guys who unloaded a trailer full of mulch one find spring bonfire evening.  It was party central around here then with the crowds gathering around what used to be a pile in the driveway.....right in front of the barn.   Yeah, I was that mom.  However, they were all legal so there you go.

Happy mother's day to everyone who has loved a child as their own ~

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