Monday, May 16, 2016

getting my red up

I think what hooks me most about Trae Crowder is the irony of a good old Tennessee boy taking on conservatives in our very red state and making me LMFAO at the same time.  I've always been a low maintenance kind of girl you know.  I can literally smell the salty air from here and finally have a day off to sleep in run errands and get my hair styled by none other than Chucky.  Or whoever is free!  If he has a high maint old lady in the chair I sit and watch him work his magic.  They adore him, just saying.   He and Vicki and I graduated together and went to DSCC where we had brief dramatic careers under the direction of Avonne Wortham.  I haven't performed since them except to make people laugh.  Julie Scoggins is another comedic hero of mine.  I mean dayum, it's better than crying.

There is something I've noticed about people and their issues because I think too much.   My hooks are mostly co-dependent in origin and they have followed me through years on the job and with family.  One of the things that I'm most grateful for is that with early intervention and therapy I was able to find myself and move to the next chapter.  Losses that are not grieved properly come back to haunt us in daily life both on the job and off.  Who has never had a boss who could not be pleased or one that let you do the work for them.  I've had several over the years.  This type of manager is one who is blindly loyal to corporate yet struggles at times trying to understand what's wrong with the whole big picture.  Always, with the worry.  I'm sorry but life is short and then you die and I ain't got time for that.

BG called to say she loves me which was a random surprise.  I was out searching for aloe vera juice and organic apple cider vinegar and managed to find both with much searching in two stores.  I refuse to go to WalMart ever again and I mean it.  I'm sure that Walgreen and Kroger are no better, but we can only hope.  Organic options for the well informed are a must for healthy living.  Plus it's much cheaper than sending your chicken to China to be processed.  Ack!!

It's wedding season and I'll probably not attend one of the three I'm invited to but will be there in spirit.  Depends on the time and mood, you know?  Cousin Sandy and I work together and plotted this morning to make another tour of Casa Grands for inventory purposes.  All the pictures and personal stuff are still there to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace because the house ain't going anywhere this year.  That's a project for 2017. Wish me luck on the shopping.  I need a floppy straw hat and swimwear.  I'm trusting Heather and Big E on the rest of it.


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