Sunday, May 22, 2016

beach bloggin'

There won't be much of it because well.....I'm not used to using the laptop.  Heather drove us like a pro all the way down through Mississippi, Alabama and straight to the beach.  The weather is gorgeous and so is the condo.  First floor walkout with just a few feet navigate.  THIS is heaven plain and simple  I watched a couple of guys get called in by beach patrol with a whistle this morning for going too far on their boogie boards. Looked like father and son, both totally embarrassed. 

I'm being very careful with the sun because I'm white plus there's this whole skin dysplasia thing going on from prior sun damage.   Not only is the sound of the surf working on my soul, the salt and sand are doing their detox thing.  We have a 9 year old in our party who keeps things lively in a good girl sort of way.  She's old enough to mind and young enough to not have an attitude.  Especially with Nanny and Aunt Heather.  P is watching over the furbabies for me and he has puppies of his own so that's a good friend for you. 

BG was originally booked to come with us but plans change and she's job hunting instead.  I'll see her next weekend after I get back to real life.  We mailed her a card today with Hoops and Yoyo screeching....I can't help it, I just adore them.  If the world ends or Trump gets elected, y'all send me an IM and a heads up.   This old gal is totally in fantasy land.

Calm ~

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