Thursday, May 19, 2016


I have learned the hard way that when things get volatile it's best to just disconnect emotionally and act as if, especially if it's something that is revisited time and again with the same outcome.  I pick my battles now and unless I'm completely overwhelmed will just let things go.  An honest and rational discussion about things is one deal but being called out in front of peers and scolded is quite another.  That being said, I've survived it many times before and still have an ass after the chewings.  Humility and empathy give me the ability to step back and assess my part of a relationship so that I can change my response rather than trying to change the person.  See...that junior college psych course did pay off!

It's T-1 day to beach and I have piles to be packed which is actually pretty damn awesome for me.  BG dinged me out of the blue today and I'm excited to get to chat with her for the first time in a week.  Mozella, our mayor, is 96 and needs her B12 once a month and I PROMISED today so there you go.  She sticks that old muscle out there ready for the needle and never once has said it hurts.  Her friend Sally used to do the honors when she was alive.

Mozella's husband Earl was a son to Son Johnson who lived right across the gravel from our homeplace with his wife Ms Lockey.  They had the whole farm thing going with henhouses and roosters srtutting around a barnyard where the cows and pigs lived.  I remember watching Ms. Lockey wring a chicken's neck and I never wanted to see a headless one hopping around.  Scarred me for life, you know.  So did the snakes that swam in the Forked Deer backwater.

I'm totally loving the fact that Mahala doesn't have a day job because she's revisiting a lot of her old tales and she makes me laugh like a mofo.  Her TA was the inspiration for my BG.  She and I both know the hazards of working at the Asylum past the healthy point.  Right Liz? just gotta' know when to fold them.

Serenity ~

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  1. Once I got over the initial shock of unemployment, my nerves have settled SO much. Now if I can just turn my passion into a little moolah, I'll be in hog heaven. Thank you for your support! And keep swimming.. it might not turn out like we want it, but at least it'll be different :)