Monday, May 30, 2016

holiday travels

I was up early again to return to AutoZone for that part thingy which they could not install because "wiring" is involved and it's a liability. Alrighty then.  Babyface dude gave me the name of a mechanic who had called in earlier so I contacted said guy who told me was off today.  OMG.  I kind of played the girl card and wailed that I had to get to Jackson TODAY and he told me to come on over and he would help a girl out.  This guy and I chatted while he did the deed about how he can't make it in the auto repair business any longer because people bring shit in to be fixed, then don't pay.....thus a lot full of useless cars.  His focus from now on will be custom as in old ones because those folks know what they want and have the dollars to do it up right.  Today's hero is Ricky Baggett on East Court Street!  He wouldn't even take any money for what he did and I was gonna tip big.  There's your karma it forward.

Rules are rules and there was no visitation today because it's not the official time.  BG said that perhaps her counselor can line us up for a family therapy session next day off since I'm working again on official visit day.  She starts a job this week and is riding the bus to and from.  I can't begin to tell you what peace of mind I have at the moment concerning her future.  God moves in mysterious ways and somehow we've been in touch with the right people at the right time for her to be where she is.  Prayers always help.  Please send them up!

So...I have one day to get ready for corporate and things don't look too bad.  There are still piles but they won't go away until sale redux.  It's all in boxes and baskets and ready to haul down to Casa Grands at a later date.  Tomorrow is back to the sawmill day after 10 of relaxation.  You can bet your sweet ass I'll be chanting the serenity prayer all the way in.  Rumor has it that a freakin' helicopter will be used to move the house.  Oh yeah.....there will be plenty of pictures of the flying log cabin!!!

Remember those who served bravely and lost their lives for our country.  Lt. James Herrick Jr is the name on my bracelet from the Vietnam war.  10/27/69.   Rest in peace brother.


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