Friday, May 27, 2016

the real world

We sailed all the way from Florida straight up through Alabama yesterday after a leisurely wakeup and to die for breakfast at the Asiago Skillet.  We had ZERO rain during the entire trip until the last two hours of our journey home and the monsoon started around the Tennessee state line.  I watched as the clouds swirled and darkness fell and knew damn well what was worst  nightmare!  I don't travel well, to say the least and especially at night and in the freakin' RAIN.   Depth perception is the problem as it appears to me that every tail light or head light that I see seems to be coming straight at me.  This is why I spent the last two hours on the ride home with a pillow over my head.  Heather thought I was nutso and carried on.  Even she got a bit ruffled at the heavy rain.  Both of  our phones got dings about a flash flood alert and they weren't kidding.  From what I heard it was even worse here in the 'burg with heavy wind and limbs down plus a monsoon to boot.  I swear the corn has grown two feet since I left and I do believe the children are out there in it somewhere.

Dude that got busted by beach patrol for being a dumbass on a board had hair down to his waist.  We named him Steely Dan and got tickled when the radio LED spelled that out as we approached home.  Nobody but us and the beach neighbors know what that means!  They are a delightful family of five from Lake Charles LA and their kids became fast friends with our 9 year old Leea.  She ended up with a lot of t-shirts and two hermit crabs that rode in the back all the way to their certain death in Tennessee.  I can honestly say we never had one that survived.  The dogs were absolute maniacs when we pulled into my yard and Lily the bitch bitch crawled me like a scratching post forever.  All were totally amazed that I could just up and leave them outside.

Here are just a few random beach observations :  Books are mandatory even if you don't read a word.  It's why you're there, right?   I never cracked mine open because I was too busy people watching and playing in the surf with the kids.  I skipped going out to dinner each night because I need alone time and that worked perfectly.  Heather cooked fresh seafood  one night and she and Nanny did breakfast every day.  It was low stress and fluid as can be with three generations of women from one family and a hanger on.  Heather got a few hours sleep last night and hit the road again, this time to kayak the Duck River with her main man. who is quite the adventurer.  Plus he's a nurse if anybody gets hurt!

The dirty clothes and dishes and garbage that I left sitting in the dust last Saturday are still here and waiting to be dealt with.  I am so thankful to have a few more days off to get that done before corporate arrives.  He would not be amused.  I sat on the porch yesterday morning listening to the waves and watching a brightly colored parasail floating and bobbing above my head and wondered what it would feel like to be able to do that.  Just catch the wind and go where it blows.  Planes and choppers from the nearby naval base are a timely reminder that we are still in America.   I haven't thought about politics in an entire week except for conversations with Heather.  Girl has some sense....just saying.

Estate sale redux will be in late June and the inventory must go but not dirt cheap.  We still have quite nice pieces of memorabilia that somebody would die for.  Much of what I've smuggled out of their house over the years will be returned there but I'm keeping the important stuff.  Just gotta' decide what that is!

Memorial day ~ Be mindful.

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