Friday, May 20, 2016

coulda' shoulda'

That was the name of a blog I used to read back in the day.  The author was an author herself  in love with Joshilyn Jackson at the time which is how I became acquainted with her.  I won a signed copy of Gods in Alabama and have never considered kudzu the same way since.  A heap is a mighty good place to stash a body, just ask Karen Swift's murderer.  Still no charge some years later if I'm not mistaken.  That smooth got swept under the rug....just saying.  The moral to that story is don't be a fitness instructor I guess.  Same thing happened to some girl in Texas except without the kudzu.

My friend Pax up in Joisey is hurting really badly right now and I truly feel his pain.  It's only been four months since I was living the life he is dealing with and the memories are still fresh.  It becomes like a movie that won't end well and you know it but damn.  Knowing enough as he and I do about the system and how elders navigate is a blessing that I continue to count.  It could have been so.much.worse.  So many folks have no advocate whatsoever except for the kind folks who care for them because it's their day ( or night ) job.  I work with a wonderful group of healers who give quality care, right here at home.  Our sister facility in Selmer is closed and I'm sure others will follow.  Too many people in our state are uninsured because of you know who and that bunch.  Talk to the hand bitch.  That's 300K people!

The original TennCare model was a great concept implemented under the administration of Governor Phil Bredesen.  It was promptly raped and gutted by shady day care providers  that the Fords lined up and pharmacies everywhere.  Administrators of both programs were nailed after that basically sound program ceased to be.  Since then, Tennessee has become the healthcare capital of the world.  A quick glance at sales and mergers will tell you that it's a house of cards that could topple at any time.  I'm glad I have my good looks to go on, you know?

I'm good to go on this trip with minimal baggage and a weary body.  I'm believing with all my heart that a few days of fun in the sun will relax me enough to think clearly about the next step or five.  I've got a couple of bills to pay and then it's nothing but relaxation for a week.  I told my friend Kim I was afraid to get excited because something ALWAYS happens.  This time, I don't even care.  I'm in Heather's hands and it feels good not to be in charge.

Heading south y'all........


  1. I hop you have a terrific time and meet prince charming!!

  2. You deserve R&R. Dig your toes in the sand & enjoy some bubblegum read.

  3. You deserve R&R. Dig your toes in the sand & enjoy some bubblegum read.