Thursday, May 5, 2016

carrying a clipboard

I had this friend who worked for management at a major aircraft company in Dallas. He struggled with hating the city life and wanting to do something that made him happier than  carrying that clipboard and looking worried about stats.  Last I heard he had taken up a new line of work and moved to Colorado.  He always was one to follow that star.  He and his partners wrote powerful emotional pieces about current topics in a way that held my interest and turned me kind of rabid on the liberal political view.  I can't remember the name of the others but one was in Missouri....Mule maybe?  The other was umm..I forget.  Blogging was just beginning to be a thing before they could be categorized by topic and mine was just out there.  Mommy blogging became big during that time because hey!  It's excellent therapy.

There was one I read called Hospice Guy which was pretty much as you would expect.  This is how I learned about the whole philosophy that EK Ross and other pioneers worked their asses off for.  To be in a compassionate setting with an incurable disease is a huge blessing no matter what life has dealt.  If there is family around to do the sitting and hand holding so much the better.  Often, there is nobody but the paid professionals on duty.  That's when you are blessed with ones who care and wish to do no harm.  The entire industry revolves around money and has for many years.  Not for profit companies are just as guilty when they use apportionment dollars to keep their healing ministry going and make a few bucks.  They're all the same basically.

As Rod would say "Here's the thing."  Each of us is given a talent by Big Ernie and often more than one. You might be a wonderful writer and good cook plus have a great voice.  If these gifts are used to his glory and honor, you have done well in his eyes. Or hers, if you believe in Sophia.  I have used mine for therapy and my own personal enjoyment to escape the reality of a dead end job and stressful family situation.  Had I been smarter there would be more focus on the talent and less on the stress creators.  Because in the end, you're all you've got.

Well, you and Big E.