Friday, April 29, 2016

butt monkeys

That's a term that Mahala coined over in the holler to describe folks who want to meddle, moan and otherwise rain on  somebody's parade instead of focusing on their own business and ugly issues.  It's kind of like the proverb of throwing stones when living in a glass house.  Or walk a mile in another person's shoes, so to speak.  I googled the word micromanager today and found, as I suspected, that it's a management style in business that has a rather negative connotation, and rightfully so.  This style of manager focuses on minute details of a task at the front line level and fails to properly delegate unless things are constantly supervised.  This not only inhibits creativity and growth among team members but actually fosters resentment in both a horizontal and vertical fashion on the power grid.  Wiki said that this style of management is often the by-product of a toxic parent/child relationship that involves conditional love.  When you meet somebody whom you think you can never please?  Run the other way because you will not win.  They are normally very upwardly managing to support corporate goals.  They TRULY believe that if you do a good job and go above and beyond there will be a reward.

News flash kids!   Those days of employee appreciation with perks like raises and recognition banquets are in the rearview.  Now you buy the shirt from them that you are required to wear.  I've had a lot of fun this week being in the patient centered environment but it's pretty physically demanding.  I think I'll buy some new tennis shoes since these are almost a year old.  It looks like the freakin' zombie moors outside the big ass window and it's pretty much the same thing all over.  Sounds like Trumps rednecks are about to get their asses kicked by #liberalrednecks everywhere so that's amusing plus Trae is hot to trot.  Southern Mom is also a sure lmfao in dark times.  If you're gonna rant it might as well be funny and topical.

BG is good and serene and in a safe healthy environment.  So am I as long as I don't have to get out in the mess that is this afternoon.  My body is tired, but more than that I am soul sick.  Someone told me today that I make myself a victim by saying folks pick on me.  There's a difference between taking ownership of a situation and doing better and just saying it's somebody else's fault.  My fatal flaw has been to overextend ME to the point that I'm a hot mess.  Which is, as well all know is #1.

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  1. I've known my share of micromanagers.. and they're all butt monkeys!