Sunday, May 15, 2016

bloggers anonymous

A wonderful writer that I respect once called me a "consistent" blogger.  By that I suppose he meant that I hit it most every day because it's good for my mental health.  When somebody tells me not to "blog" something you better believe I take it seriously.  I have learned the hard way that folks do what they do and expect not to get caught let others know about things that are none of their business.   It's called privacy like in HIPPA and whatnot.  I learned yesterday that credit reporting agencies cannot legally report outstanding medical debt when calculating a score and risk analysis.  That's because most of them will turn you over to the collection agencies that they hire to get your deductible.  Thanks Obama.

I read a story on an unnamed liberal website today about Trump and his romantic escapades over the years which culminated with his perverted narcissistic self buying the beauty pageants up before he became a game show host.  Or maybe that was training for it.  Anyway,   Anybody who looks at the type of crowd that is following him should be scared to death.  If he has his way, it will turn into an all out reality series about kicking Putin's ass.  He's that deluded!  Enter Paul Ryan aka Eddie Munster and there you have it.  The perfect shitstorm.   I guess they were looking for somebody that Jesus didn't call.

I do so ramble on and sometimes bore myself with the details but then there's always something random worth talking about.  Like peace and love and rock and roll.  Everybody's pissed about Nashville getting cancelled because it was a HUGE draw for the hole in the wall Bluebird Cafe.  Many a performer has begun, learned and gone on to share in that place.  Most of them never made it in the biz, but it's one of those things that gets paid back like at The Ryman.  A lot of great artists have passed over to glory lately and I'm here to tell you that when James Taylor goes, I'm taking funeral leave.  Three full days of it.

Otha' brother called yesterday while commuting and again today and we finally caught up for a few minutes as I sat in the yard after work drinking a MichU.  Short and sweet because he has two hours to get ready for his TV weather gig Virginia style.  I miss him and I miss Lauren.  Bubba and I chatted this morning about sale redux and my vacation.  Now that we don't have parental details to tend to, there's not as much contact but that's okay.  Now it's not of necessity but choice.

Family ~


  1. Oh, how I love that paragraph about Trump.

    1. Me too. I may be with you, Janie on J Taylor!!!

    2. Me too. I may be with you, Janie on J Taylor!!!