Friday, May 13, 2016

fabulous friday

As Jerry would say, of course.  I sure do miss his face man!   He is hands down one of the happiest people I know.  The other is sitting on my front porch with her friends that include Lynn and Bill with the metal detector.  They're having a ball dodging mr snake out there in the asparagus bed.    Lynn heard me mention asparagus and there they went!  Bill found a few treasures and they shall be Facebooked along with all their lovely faces.  I just love it when company comes.  Farmer Joey is spraying today so I had to come inside because *ack*..

If the cabin is moved, my next project will be to dig up some flowers that scream Daddy and Mama and move 'em up around here.  I used to do that all the time when I was younger and had more energy.  Umm..20's until about 55.  That's when the life drain started.   The history surrounding this house is legend and I actually dug up old stones and made flower beds where there was nothing but dirt.  That's where Mr. Snake hides out too.  Right there in the hostas dude.   They will bloom soon and every year I think about my Aunt Virginia who chopped the flowers off to keep them all "in line."  O.M.G.

I come from a long line of crazy, just saying.  But then most people do because what the hell defines normal. We spend so much time worrying and fretting over every little detail that the beauty of any given moment in a day is often missed.  Learn to be still..Lerd, it's so hard for a control freak.  Meanwhile, back at the friends Cathy and Mary Beth are chilling and getting things ready for my departure on Saturday with Heather, Nanny and Leah who is 9 years old.  This should be interesting!  As long as I don't have to drive, it's all good.

As for me and mine, we shall carry on with faith.


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