Saturday, May 28, 2016

things i need, in no particular order

A convenient food oasis with healthy options.  Publix would be nice because there's only one Kroger and it's on the strip with all the traffic.  An Aldi would work as well.  Guess we'll settle for the dollar store turkey and bread.  I think there's some leftover pasta.  I do NOT like to store hop...give me what I need.

More friends would be swell.  I know who the ones are who care and the ones who try to work me for their own glory.  These folks, the real ones...they come to visit and stay in touch.  We make an effort to see each other rather than depending on fate because you just never know what's around the corner.  I've had some store credit at a local gift place for months and went shopping for soy candles and earrings on the way to a meeting.  I quietly thanked my mother for the privilege and wished that I had been more understanding with her.

My car is decent for what I do which is go to work and piddle around town.  Going to Jackson is about the extent of my travel at this point unless somebody else drives.  I must say that even in a 2004 Maxima we traveled well to the beach.  Heather lives in NashVegas so she's an interstate pro.  We did, however, take the back roads through Alabama from about Montgomery on to avoid Mobile because Nanny is scared to death of big ass bridges.

I used to think I'd like to have a boyfriend but that passed years ago just because I quit looking.  The way I figure it, Big Ernie has a plan and that's not in it at the moment.  My life is full with other relationships that are reciprocal and I'll take it.  The neighbors are doing a shrimp boil this afternoon and I'm invited as usual.  I'm so very grateful to have them close by because there was a lot of years that I feared what was going on down the lane.   Now it's nothing but kids having fun.  

I haven't thought about work in so long that it was kind of a shock that I related to others how hard it is for me to keep from getting sucked into power plays.  The last time it happened I prayed the serenity prayer and pitched it to Big Ernie.  Much healthier than anger or anxiety.  I am more than that and people don't like it when you set boundaries.  That's why it's so important to teach kids that no means no because being assertive is an excellent survival skill.  If you can't claim what you need for yourself, nobody else is gonna' spoon feed it to you.

Goat's milk soap is a no go here in the 'burg evidently so Amazon it's up to you to deliver.  Heather had some rosemary infused that was to DIE for.  On a random note, there was a poor hummingbird stuck in the house last night trying to get out and smacking the window.  I felt totally bad for him but uh,..not much I could do.  I slept for 12 hours ( again ) and still feel like going to bed before dark.  I can, however, tell that I'm beginning to heal from the trauma of the past year.  As Martha would say "That's a good thing."


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