Wednesday, May 25, 2016

gift from the sea

I have never been to the beach when it didn't rain at least once a day so this is an exceptional weather pattern for the panhandle of Florida.  I have totally enjoyed meeting random people and bonding with them.  We have made up names for a lot of them like Steely Dan and Minnie Mouse.  There's Becky from Arkansas who is moving to Little Rock from Texarkana and talks to anybody who will listen. Some guy upstairs has a pipe that he taps all the time.  There are old ladies playing cards too right above my head with a 2nd floor view. We took beach pictures, several of them.  I've had the time of my life so a big thanks to Heifer for being my travel guide. 

My friend called from Shelby to tell me that the weather forecast is 100% chance of rain for the next week plus I missed some big storms last night and this morning.  He always thinks about me when the tornado sirens wail.  Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye!   Somewhere around 2006 we had huge one close to the 'burg and a lot of folks got killed including Heather's grandma and uncle.  We've been through all that history and are moving forward, 

There is something about being in a different scenario that sets the imagination free.  That is something that can't be done while in the heat of everyday life.  I've been a blogger for a lot of years and never posted away from home.  Now I know that I can!  In the words of Mary Engelbreit " No matter where you go, there you are." We colored her art today with pencils.  I have no water blisters , thankyouverymuch.  When we went away last time it was to the Robert Trent Jones golf trail and village of little boxes.  I like this much better. 

Tomorrow we head back to Tennessee and real life.  Surely there's something funny ahead for me and mine.  If not, I will smooth find my own joy. 


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