Tuesday, May 17, 2016

making a list

There are literally piles of stuff to be washed in every room of the house.  I slept a little late and got my hair cut before heading out for the swimsuit adventure.  I hate to shop so it took me exactly 15 minutes to get in and out of JC Penney.  Meanwhile my beachmate and her hubby are on their own little adventure.  I pray that there is success!   I figure being on the beach will be a good way to bring positive vibes toward you know where.  Chucky and I talked about everything and nothing and the rest of the crew is a new mix of  licensed students, hand picked by their instructor and co-owner of the salon and the usuals.  One lady was there to get a do on CRUTCHES.  I've never wanted it that bad y'all.  Anyway, it's short and cute and has sea salt spray on it.  I don't do ponytails well, just saying.

Jill Stein began quietly and intelligently trolling for supporters around the same time that Bernie began in earnest to gain steam.  Her party is Green which is better than red or blue at this point.  Here's my suggestion:  She and Bernie should team up and rock everybody's world.  I'd go for that in a heartbeat and even leave EW alone about leaving the Senate for a run.  Just give me an option puleeeeezzz!  I will not support any political party that does not match my own personal beliefs.  Period.   At this point that includes, but is not limited to, access to medical cannabis and a huge step away from opiates.  I mean gawd...the oil cures cancer!  No chemo in the world has ever done that completely.  It's also good for seizure disorders that have previously been treated with a benzo cocktail.  Phoenix Tears....google it.

The house is looking better slowly but surely.  You can see the floor in every room and the piles are getting organized.  It's like I've been "picking" in my own house for two years.  I'm still behind on the yard but that can wait until right before corporate.  As long as the inside is decent and has a place to sit we're good.  I haven't seen Harvey since he was a pallbearer for Daddy.  I am forever grateful that his family honored a decades old agreement but also because he has a keen interest in preserving the history here.  Maybe I can talk him into a pumpkin patch or something.  The little neighbor girl would love it.  Speaking of which, they have a huge plot out back and Bev is working her ass off to produce some fresh food.

It's still blackberry winter here.  Cousin Sandy came to visit in a hoodie last night and we had a contest to see who could keep the longest ash up in the air like Gaga did.  Only she would have hers in her LIP and be talking.  After a couple of tries, Sandy won hands down.  She's a night shift OB nurse so we have *lots* in common besides our blood family.   I babysat she and her sister Nancy when their parents lived on College.  I dream about that house and want so badly walk up there with Floyd Speck's art and do a walk through.  I still have moments when I can visualize the layout of the place.

I'm tired of justifying myself to others and taking emotional abuse from people with their own agendas.  I'm watching  kildeer do it's thing on the gravel keeping those babies safe from Mr. Snake.  It's hilarious and calming all rolled into one.  Before I got this bigass window, I never knew what I was missing.  Nothing like nature viewing with the AC on.  

Work smarter ~

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