Monday, May 9, 2016

because it's cute

Who among us has not spent the grocery money on a must have item?  For years it was perennials until I got them established then I turned to umm...I'm not sure where all the money went.  I rarely buy clothes choosing from my daughter's closet instead.  Packing for her is a chance to see what looks good on me.  I hit up the 'gentral after work for toiletries so we're ready for a Thursday supply run and quick hug.  I quit cooking when she left and started grazing, but she was the cook anyways.  Girl can smooth whip up something decadent.  Her dad was a griller at heart and I'm the casserole queen so there you go.

The emotional hangover from yesterday was not too bad because I just gave up the ghost about 5:30 and ceased crying or even caring about anything but rest.  That's when the blinds come in handy.  Annie called to check on me a couple of times during the day as my brothers did.  It was tough all the way around but it's a new day and there's Trump and Fat Bastard to worry about.  jesus.mary.mother.of.god. Let us pray.  If there is a god heshe will get us through this clusterf**k of DECISION 2016

Because I'm a hoarder I can I have chosen another piece from Mama's house to accent my newly redecorated home.  As I sit here listening to none other than The Fab Four on a laptop rather than a turntable and it's just not the same.  But then nothing ever is.  Annie and I talked about the advances in agricultural practice over our lifetimes which pretty much spans people with plows and hoes to giant green and yellow machines.  No till was not heard of on this farm until the 70s or 80s.  Soil conservation is imperative, particularly on hilly land.  The flats are what they are, but those hills can be something!

Two of my co-workers are beaching before me and one is all up in it as we speak.  Another will return on Wednesday to watch over our patients.  I will be doing my job and taking my breaks off the clock so as to not get caught on camera leaving the building on company time.  Because that's how we roll.  By the way, please remember that this is National Hospital Week and thank a healthcare provider.  RT...RN...MT...doesn't matter.

I received a compliment from a guy recently about my work performance   His comment was that I seem to own the pieces that I know about.  Taking ownership in the workplace is vital to the success of a business, otherwise it's just a check.  Too bad corporate America doesn't embrace that concept.  Well, some of them.
Time to go whip up some dinner!  If I had milk I'd make cornbread but noooooooo......

Let's go Krogering ~

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