Monday, May 2, 2016

retail therapy

My habit has always been to eat crappy hospital food for lunch because I don't like the hassle of getting out. Lately I've discovered that it's a nice way to break up the day so as to prevent overload and freak out. Sometimes even that doesn't help, but at least it's some sort of break from reality.  I bought a dress today for the beach, a simple 12 buck rayon tie dye that caught my eye at the drug store.  There is still no swim suit but I'll get to that one shortly.  Hell I can always buy one when we get there.

The sale is on for three days this weekend at Casa Grands.  Sale Lady  didn't much want me to put it on Facebook because she's already BOUGHT advertising if you can believe that shit.  She obviously doesn't know how good of a marketing tool that FB really is.  Of course she's 80 and doesn't like anybody messing with her "production."  Whatever.   She also didn't want to deal with any of my stuff which brings me to having a one day only bargainananza up here on the hill this Saturday.  My youngest brother should be in the area so maybe we can dig through memories and have a cold one.

Is it just me or have things settled down a bit?   I'm not hearing much out of Trump or ISIS or that fat little fuck in NOK so there's that to be thankful for.  Shhhh...knock wood.  It's still cloudy and wet but the weather should turn soon in time for what we now call "the end."  A house mover will meet with corporate to ascertain chances for moving up the hill.  If not, they'll stay put and go to Plan B.  I like that about them, all with the preservation of history.  LERD...we got it!

Here's the thing to all you people who never stop talking enough to listen:  Everybody has a story and it's not all about you 24/7.  Unless dinner was outstanding, I don't need a play by play.  Ditto for church and every other thing because we're there to work.  Fellowship happens when we work together for the common good of the team.  One of the things I've learned in Anon is that you cannot make someone choose to be happy.  That's a personal decision.

Empathy is the ability to feel someone else's pain to the point that you put yours aside.  It's actually a very healing activity.  It is a gift from God or a gene...maybe both.  Mostly I think it comes from being heard and respected as a child and developing adult.  I had teachers all along the way who challenged me to be better like Mr. Bruce, Milam and Uncle Jim.  Rena Moss was my heroine and the gal who got me hooked on science.  Madame Gauldin taught me French which I never used so there you go.  Now it's Chinese which makes much more sense in the whole scheme of things.

I got organized on the job today and thank goodness nobody was bleeding to death or anything.  I have always been intrigued with the whole Dooce thing because how, really do they know you're talking about them?  Context perhaps.  Never any names because HIPPA doesn't allow.  No pictures but always ALWAYS with the stories of life and death.  I have given my best to an industry that is pretty competitive at this point.   Healthcare facilities are brokers for mega corporations and insurance is the middle man along with Big Pharm.   As a veteran healthcare provider I can tell you that a lot of free food comes out of their budgets when the drug reps visited.  Which was often.  Gotta' keep that formulary list up to date.

I actually got a bot comment because of yesterday's title.  Ain't life strange?

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