Tuesday, October 20, 2015

more grace

I was on my way to pick up accident reports this morning when I got a phone call from the insurance company stating that there was a disagreement with the lien holder over payoff.  I could tell it would be something I couldn't drive and digest so I pulled off into the church parking lot and stopped.  The exchange escalated when we got a 3 way call going  and I sat there listening to the dealer and insurance person argue over the whole thing.  When I went to the dealer and explained the whole situation, he was kind enough to not hold me liable for the difference.  Once again, God is good all the time.  As it turned out he is familiar with all of us here on the farm and has ties through his wife.  Small world.

After that I visited Mom and we wheeled her up for lunch on the way out.  She goes back to the ortho doc tomorrow to check on progress with that broken wrist and see if the cast can come off, which I don't really expect.  Her bones are chalky and don't heal well due to old age and osteo.  I have cried so much this past few months that it feels as if life will never be "normal" again.  The essence of maturity and positive living is to recognize that there is no normal and it is what it is.  And also, that it shall pass.  When you think things can't possibly get any worse?  They will.  That's Murphy's law, by the way.

Lorna and I were talking yesterday about the whole state of the world and both of us know that it's just a matter of time until the zombies come.  That being said, we are determined to go out kicking and screaming like wild women.  More and more of my soul is raging against the injustice being done to we the people by wealthy robber barons who have politicians in their back pockets.  Thus, global warming....shitty economy...a swelling tide of homeless people  who need basic shelter and healthcare.  This isn't third world shit y'all...it's 'Merka.

And add to that list of blessings one day off for good behavior.  Peace out!

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