Friday, October 16, 2015

own the experience

No matter what it is that life throws our way, running from it only makes you hit walls when it's the wrong direction.  I've hit the proverbial  one many times and ended right back at step 1.  When your life is out of control to the point that others are endangered, it's time to get humble with Big Ernie and lose the attitude. Stinkin' thinking, is what it's called I believe.  The flip side of that is gratitude and a prayer for serenity.  Only people who have really worked the steps can relate to what I'm saying here, and I'm not a poster girl by any means.  I am, however, tired of trying to run the world and ready to relax.  Geez.

The weather has moderated and leaves are changing color and dropping in the wind.  Just another day in paradise on Pecan Lane.   I was surrounded yesterday and last night by friends who love me and BG and rushed to make sure I didn't climb the water tower or fall off the porch, neither one of which happened.  It makes me miss my Daddy like ..a lot.  Harvest is the farmer's happy time if the weather gods have played nice and they certainly have around here.  It's time to clean because when times get tough, you gotta' do something to make it better.  Thank you for all the prayers and please keep them coming in faith ^j^

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