Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a hot mess

Well, today's fire news made way bigger headlines than my little bean patch burning off an entire corner of Court Square that included a residence and a couple of businesses.  Mr. Larry lost his cat which makes me really sad so I think I'll give him our little bitch-bitch. He is a guy who has no legs and travels in a motorized wheelchair and can crawl with the best of them.  I don't know his story, but I'd assume he's a Vietnam vet.  There's always a little American flag flying in his breeze, if you know what I mean.  For those of you too young to remember that "conflict", Google it.  Oh hell...just go all out and ask your parents.  

My house is so a-clutter that I couldn't find an umbrella for this morning's monsoon so I scurried down to Mama's house to find not one but TWO.  Bingo...and they're big ones too.  She is much happier without the cast and looking forward to church this Sunday ( in the rain ) for All Saint's Day service.  It's a lovely tribute to those church members who have died during the previous year and the list continues to grow.  One of my acquaintances from kudzu bar days died of breast cancer after fighting the good fight for many years.  In her own month, no less.  Her hubs is a biker and they do a run for the cure every year.  Gotta love that kind of devotion.  

I hear that Congress passed a budget agreement which is a good damn thing because we the people need our basic services.  I never thought I would say this, but I support boots on the ground to get a grip with ISIS or L of whoever the heck they are.  These are not the religious jihadists that were stirring tribal warfare against their co-existing sect.  These are the ones who truly think there are virgins in heaven and they are the chosen ones. Sharia law is the devil in desert clothing particularly when recruitment efforts are fueled by today's access to technology.  What used to takes years to hear about has turned into a rolling re-play of Al Jazeera.  Locate the idiots, take their asses out and let their people go about their lives.  Had we done that up front in Iraq it would have saved a lot of lives.  And why didn't we?  Oh, yeah.  

Trump is not the devil nor is Hillary.  My friend Keith gently reminded me that "i love you but..." you want the same thing conservatives do, just by a different route.  And you know what?  He's right.  If I saw anybody who remotely has the integrity of Bernie Sanders up in that race, that person would have my full attention.  So far?  Ummm...Nada.  

Y'all stay dry or warm or cool or whatever you need to be.  As for me and mine we are inside with a washer that doesn't work, nasty ass floors and only 2 towels left.  Fortunately BG will be returning soon with Mom's washer and dryer  which are yet to be paid for but will be soon.  Honor thy mother, always.  Oh....and we're in the market for an owner financed vehicle with a decent down payment because the Cadi looks iffy.  

Peace and love ~

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