Wednesday, October 21, 2015

burn baby burn

Why yes, I'm a dumbass on occasion.  Like yesterday when I was in a pyro mood and little a torched a little pile up front surrounded by leaves and dry ground.  It took about fifteen minutes for it to get away with me and out into the beans.  Joey's beans, by the way.  I sure hope he and corporate forgive me for being swept away in drama.  One of the many law enforcement/insurance/other people I talked with today reminded me that it's nobody's place to judge and you just need a place to go where God is the focus.  I'm down with that.

At my alternate work assignment today I ran into several old friends including the lovely and gracious Dianne who is soon to retire from the business.  Candyland and Sherry of cartwheel fame sat and talked with me today while the doctors ran around looking worried and rushed.  Peggy is a volunteer there who always helps with whatever is needed.  One big happy family, if you know what I mean.  I had a whole bunch of aspartame and a cherry lime-ade for lunch following by a sample of cherry slush *with nerds*.  And some doughnut holes.  People always bring food to the cancer center, you know.

Just got a phone call from the BG and she's feeling better about life so I am too.  I've been kind of amazed at how our family has rallied but then I expect nothing less.   When you let go and let Big Ernie do his thing, all is well.


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