Thursday, October 29, 2015

climbing the ladder

As with all other business venues, it seems that being an O gives one license to bully when in the power position.  Big fish has eaten all the little ones and re-distributed them into other corporate entities with vague names and mission statements that include a lot of  acronyms.  What has happened in healthcare is exactly what corporate America planned for, beginning with Frist and HCA.  Long after he cashed in and kept on living the lavish lifestyle, Mr. Schiavo deals with his pain from having dignity removed from the death of a loved one while you do whatever the hell it is you do from the Caymans.

Of course I have no teevee but from what I heard Rubio looks good for the GOP because he's a minority and not a woman, and also less tea partyish and not nearly as dumb as Carson.  Trump looks fine simply because he has nothing but millions to lose.  Hey..we can have a game show from the White House if he's elected!   Ryan is the new speaker, no surprise there.  I've had my eye on him since my young work friend from the Grove tried to get me to support him back in the day.  That was before his group got fed to the wolves.

Several soul mates visited yesterday which was pretty timely.  Gay and I sat on the porch listening to doves cry and coyotes wail and she did a full fledged warrior woman connect with the universe thing right there on the porch.  Girl can seriously work a pain out of your body with MFR...just saying.  One day I couldn't walk...the next day I could.  I'd call that a miracle.Let's all pray for no rain on Sunday or at least a minimal downpour so we can make it to the church on time for the bell ringing.

Faith ^j^

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