Saturday, October 10, 2015

and then it rained

  It has been so dry around here even my inner firebug has been cautious.  Finally, September passed and we got the first shower I remember since Daddy died.  That gave me some comfort knowing that the dust is settled for now over his grave.  We seem to be in this little cloud of maintaining forward motion even when it seems monumental or even impossible.  When you think about it, everybody is in some sort of mourning for a person or feeling or even a way of life that seemed insane at the moment.

I have a hair appointment with my childhood hippy friend this morning if he made if back from Louisiana.  Their family is strung all over the place and they travel constantly to keep up with kids and grands.  One of them or their employees has taken care of all our beauty shop needs since BG was little enough to get a brush all tangled up and Vicki had to cut it out.  She didn't have any until she was two...seriously.  A cotton top tow head, she was.

There was a time in her life when we couldn't stand each other.  I am impatient and tend to tell people what to do like my mother which is never good for daughterly relations.  Time has shown me that it's wasted effort because people will do what makes them happy, even if you don't exactly think it's right.  I remember being all hurt and pissed off because a guy played with my emotions and Sammy K told me just that: People do what makes them happy.  Consider that lesson learned the hard way, several times.

The trolls are trolling as usual but the entire political atmosphere is changing.  There is a charge in the air and on the table to save our country before it implodes and there is power in numbers, people.  When voters speak out in non-violent ways to problem solve, it's a win-win.  The multi-trillion dollar debt we carry is owed mostly to countries where we have outsourced American goods and jobs.  Watch what happens with the TPP.  It can be either very good if there's a balance of trade or very bad if not.  Time will tell.  I have always been against it because of the sheer size of the network.  Kinda' like ATT or Verizon.  I'm looking for a wifi provider on the lane which is nearly impossible.  The golf course has it but that's a city connection.  

It's time to get out of my head and on with my life.  Wish me luck!

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