Monday, October 5, 2015

free bird

I was blessed by getting off a couple of hours early and jumped at the chance.  By Monday standards it was light over there and they were ready to head on back to Shelby county, home of Elvis and other famous folks like Kemmons Wilson and what's his name at FedEx.  It is the city where Martin Luther King led a sanitation strike that was a product of blacks having something other than servitude as a lifestyle.  He preached passive resistance to hate by organizing non-violent marches where people had a voice.  And then some cracker shot him right there at the Lorraine.  There's a museum there now in honor of his life which is quite an accomplishment.   When I read the theory yesterday about RFK and Oregon, it gave me the willies because
BEHGHAZI  emails by gawd!

Since it's hoodie time me and  the Bern are spending quality moments cussing about how damn hard headed some people can be.  Anyone who cannot see the NRA as the devil right now is sort of.....left behind.  They do not care about your 2nd amendment rights man.  It's all about the MONEY!!!!!  Geez, I wish I had a benzo or something.  I finally feel fired up enough to take on my future which is becoming more and more different by the day.  Having the pressure of constant parental care under control has allowed me lots of deep breaths.  A friend at work today said she heard I had " a rough patch" and we caught up.  Our co-worker is very sick but eating again so there's that!

We're still dealing with the feds on money and  I had to get a copy of the FH balance today for filing.  Meanwhile the Kochs and Soros ( that's for you Doolin ) lounge around in the islands with servants of their own.  Nobody in the world should have that kind of power except for Big Ernie.  Which is why I'm excited about the prospects.  People are mad as hell and rightfully so.  Peaceful resistance is guaranteed by law....tell that to the Occupy people who got sprayed.  What happened in 2008 is a disgrace and a very good reason not to play partisan politics anymore.  Think for yourself, y'all.  And send Bernie 30 bucks!!


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