Friday, October 9, 2015

remember when

One of my new favorite passions is looking at old photographs of familiar places and seeing what the lifestyle was way back when.  Recently there was a picture posted of an ancient skating rink that was on STILTS because of the Forked Deer river.  It sat where Lowery's was just north of the kudzu bar that was my mid-life single years crisis.  An iron bridge runs across the back side leading from Southtown proper to the Tire Barn and David's place.  Oh, and um.  What used to be The Hideaway.  I went in there once helping Yaya sling Avon and swore never again.  A true bar fly, I am not.

I'm still not motivated to do much except sleep and work and play but I figure it's my time to rest up for the next big adventure.  And lord knows what that will be!  I saw today, for the first time, a strategy for voters that has already crossed my mind which is, of course, Bernie and EW.  No, she's not running for POTUS, he is.  BUT, she has extensive knowledge about finance and what got us to where we are and I do believe the two of them would cause some party lines to be crossed.  And we all know what that means...don't we.  If the thought of Rubio, Walker or Ryan leading this country doesn't scare you just a little bit?  You are delusional.  They are backed by the most hostile supporters around when it comes to public health issues, including but not limited to : birth control and gun control.  These tea partiers think that everything they earn should be theirs and tax free so they can be richer.  Or so Jesus will love them, one or the other.

There are ten basic commandments and they're really pretty simple.  Don't kill. Honor thy father and mother.  No adultery. No false gods ( like money and oil and power.)  Do unto others.  Be a good Samaritan. Walk that Emmaus road with your friends and share.  Remember what you saw, where you've been and how people treated you.  And then?  Do the next right thing.

BG is in the midst of a move and now has car problems which will involve an oil pan cleanup and all the accompanying drama.  There is a U-haul reserved and rent put down.  I met my (kinda') new neighbor on the road today and she's friendly, a healthcare provider like myself.  She seemed like the kind that deserves a to-die-for house.  We were talking at work today about Julie the puppy saver who scooped up five of Ryder's baby in her Hummer and took them to be fostered, then adopted into Northern homes.  Five of the ten are still around here, including Maggie Mae and Jet.  I get to see them on FB all the time.  Chester evidently got fixed because he's been close to home with Reece.

Chester's owner was one of many many folks who lined up to pay respects to my father after his death.  I could see the pain in his eyes and all the others who had looked up to him as an honorable hard working fellow.  The years have all run together on me but I remember him being that much and more.  His end of life experience was one that he chose, staying home until he couldn't any longer.  Same thing with Mom.  She spent nights alone in that house for about two months, almost blind and barely able to walk.  That she is still kicking means she is destined for happier days.

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