Saturday, October 24, 2015

set fire to the rain

Evidently Tuesday was a slow news day because my little fire made the front page of the State Gazette for which I've taken a lot of shit from people who know my inner pyromaniac and worry about my sanity at certain moments.  Like I've said many times before, I don't pay a lot of attention when I feel safe like here on Pecan Lane.  I damn near torched the whole place!  Fortunately the wind was coming from the south away from my house.  My friend Rebecca is married to a retired fire chief and she said he did it too so I don't feel so bad.

So, this hurricane is poised to hit land in an hour or so and permanently solve our immigration problem because umm, from the Pacific coast due east things like dicey as in mega/super/cyclone proving that Big Ernie is indeed mad about the effects of gluttony on his planet Earth.  Some of us have tried to make a difference but in the end, devils are sneaky and will take over in a heartbeat when believers don't unite.

I don't trust the Republicans worth a shit right now but you all know that.  That being said, I do believe I see a spark of hope in the American people that could save us if we just vote wisely.  It's not my job to tell you who to choose but your own responsibility to figure out who will stand behind their promises.  Enough about Benghazi and emails.  Get.Over.It.

Somehow this turned into cursive right mid-post which is sort of an accident because I can't see very well here in the dark.  It's rainy and chilly and all the damn ceiling fans  have busted bulbs.  Now,  there we go.  Back to normal whatever that is.  I got a call from a co-worker yesterday afternoon, frantic over a detail that got missed ( and it's a miracle a lot more of that doesn't happen.)  Out IT went down the same day that BG got a (late) release due guessed it.  A computer system down.  I'm probably the only one who can see the irony in that.  I read an excellent piece on NPR today about how ER use has surged since the ACA went into effect.  Now before you all scream "Obama" listen up.  I have worked in that environment for almost 40 years and have seen the cycle.  Emergency rooms are perpetually clogged due to a lack of after office hour options, particularly for the elderly and poor.  Most of these people have multiple diagnoses, some of which are a result of trying to survive.  We call them frequent fliers sometimes, meaning that we know them by heart.  

Another member of our church, husband of a friend and former  co-worker died yesterday.  His OB/GYN partner preceded him by just a few weeks, sandwiched in between Doc and Daddy.  They were two of a men's quartet that was "world" famous around FUMC for belting out four part harmony.  And now there are two.  And now for today's pimp out!  Rachel has been a constant presence in my life because of the connection with her grandparents and my folks.  She is tough, savvy and eternally witty.  And she is now a newspaper reporter!

I finally visited BG's house yesterday and we sat on the deck quietly smoking and watching the cotton field.  It's a comfortable quiet now without either of us having to rattle on and on.  We are in this thing together for better or worse and there is an unspoken vow between us.   I cannot explain how full that makes my heart.

Grace ~

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