Monday, October 26, 2015

early to rise

In case anybody is interested, I slept three nights for 11+ hours and still ran out of gas around 10am today.  My labs are all normal so it must be some sort of chronic fatigue thingy.  Or maybe a Vitamin D deficiency.  Or maybe I just need a vacation!  I found out first hand today that being newly in BK does not lend itself well to finding a reliable used vehicle.  I have faith and all that but I seriously doubt the Camry will get the two of us to work during this upcoming probationary period.  And once again?  It's out of my hands as Westboro Baptist continues to hate and Congress continues to holla' Benghazi and emails.  Little do they know they're giving Bernie the power  he needs to kick ass and take names.

Pharma Bro got outed by a doctor or two which totally makes me LOL.  Jon Stewart looks really tired of the fight and is searching for some animal saving karma.  I would too brother...I would too.  I can only hope that Colbert will continue to rail against the injustice that is conservative politics in this god forsaken country.  Meanwhile in Beirut, a Saudi prince got busted for the biggest drug haul EVER consisting of lots of amphetamines to pump up rebel fighters like ISIS and who knows what.  Wonder what they'll do with all that contraband?

There is peace here which is what I crave.  My dogs don't require anything but a little food and water and me to sleep with.  One of my favorite guys in the whole wide world showed up at the sawmill today and I actually shouted OMGOMGOMG  and gave him a full on church hug.  You know how you don't realize how much you've missed a face until you see it?  Yeah.  That.

I stopped at Video World on the way home to get some Hempz and movies and found them putting up a new coat of paint. Life goes on, does it not?  All we can do is keep the faith.

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