Wednesday, October 14, 2015

alrighty then

Our quiet spell has been short lived and I saw it coming this morning through some sort of ethereal Poopie to cosmos stream.  We've all been a little, shall we say "high strung" lately what with all the recent drama.  Returning to real life is always ( a) relief and (b) burden.  During that time when everybody's hugging you and saying it's going to be okay, somehow you believe that it will be.  And really?  It is.  It's just that each day brings something else to deal with.  Today it was a wreck that  thankfully didn't kill my BG.  It's my worst nightmare y'all.  That's why you pay out the ass for insurance because when you need it you should "know people."  Otherwise you're jailed in the great state of TN.  Sidenote: That is why your uninsured motorist premium is so high.  

First I called the wrecker service that saved my Camry from the mud when Hoss and I got stuck out there drinking Jack.  I will never forget that night because Butterbean got sprayed by a skunk while we were rescuing Hoss.  For an old guy with COPD, he hiked a long way and was mad as hell.  Said I left him  there to die!  My parents met and loved him and it was a whirlwind visit  planned for his last mobile days.  After that, he and wifey # something  conspired to do the right thing.   Dude started out in Vegas.  "Former speech writer for the governor of Oregon"  Who loves you man?

I couldn't stream last night's debate but managed to catch up this morning only to find that Bernie is indeed a true gentleman, would legalize weed and thinks the email thing is ridiculous.  Who among us has not sent an un-encrypted message?  Get over it y'all...we've got bigger fish to fry.   Spring is forecast to start before winter ever gets started good like three months early?  I've noticed that pattern up until the past two which have been wicked bitches raining ice on me and my old ass car.  With no carport.  Or door handles on the outside.  Or hubcaps.  Thankfully Mama paid for the window to be replaced that Tara leaned on and shattered.  UCMTSU, right Lorna?  

For those of you who remember the Old Horsetail Snake..our bond with him is something that will never be broken because that is how we met.  Thank you Al for inventing the internet.  Now please return to your regular MSM rage against the war programming.  Oh.  And stockpile water.  

Grace ~


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