Thursday, October 1, 2015

lying in the bed you made

As y'all can imagine my house is pretty much a furball due to three dogs and a cat plus two girls with colored hair.  I say that loosely because mine is way past due, and also for a cut.  I'm just gonna' hit my friend Chucky up for an appointment soon.  *katching!  and done.  Ditto for Gay with the magic hands.  My friend Liz shared a song with me today that we first heard on the radio in Gurney's van going to and from Gulf Shores with our late teen girls.  She and Al did the tattoo thing and BG was pissed that there was no money for hers.  I could have cared less...I was at heaven in a beachside sand-level room.  I've learned a lot from years of beach going number one of which is : if there is  food and or alcohol nearby, forget the coolers. Carrying them in the hot sand makes you look like a tourist which you totally are.  Have a good meal and a couple of drinks then play in the waves or read a book.  It's vacation y'all!  I totally do not get these folks who carry their laptops and work from their escape from work.  Give it a break.

 I made it home with the Roku today so we shall see if I can figure it out.  It's kind of iffy on the internet speed up here but I'm gonna' try.  There was this vintage plane that was used in the Berlin airlift that stopped by my back door airport yesterday.  It got rained in during the VA/WV flood and was late landing here.  My Precious friends Mark and Lisa were there with cameras ready and I thanked the internet gods for allowing me to experience that digitally.

Meanwhile Joaquin is either headed up the eastern seaboard or toward Europe.  Either way there are still some folks due for extremely dangerous weather due to monsoons of "historic" proportions from another weather producer consisting of a huge warm moist air mass hovering around.  If I were a betting gal ( and I'm not ) I'd say the Weather Channel is behind all of the mayhem.

Most people still think Trump and Bernie are idiots and hate Hillary so what's a voter to do.  Why, trust the US government to make it all fair and stuff, of course.  The AL shutdown of driver license/voter ID stations is something that will go to the SCOTUS for sure.  Hide and watch.  Enough people are mad enough about the trampling on voter rights that it won't die.  Neither will the Citizens United hell raising.  Moral bankruptcy comes when the money changers take all our power.  Jesus doesn't like that stuff.  Humility is something that only those who have been in the desert can know.  I have several volumes and every time I get to feeling all cocky and shit, I remember from whence I came.

With faith ^j^

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  1. I am royally pissed about Alabama. How dare they?! I hope it goes to the Supreme Court pronto and they get their butts handed to them on a platter.