Sunday, October 11, 2015

hey bradshaw

Every time me and Daddy crossed the bridge on US 51 South, he would say hello to his old friend Jere Bradshaw who bought that tract at some point.  He made mean chocolate pies if I remember correctly.  There was a son named Brother who was my age.  He moved away early on pursuing another life outside of Dyer County.  Good move bro...good move.  The woman who had her hands on my head for two hours today told me that she moved back here because she missed her family.  Everybody's different I guess. She has a lot of sisters and parents and kids and I have um, Mom and BG and Bubba.

BG's move is in motion and I managed to snag the honeymoon dress and jacket, just in case.  It was covered in filthy old plastic and is now breathing.  Frankie was pretty impressed with the whole deal.  He and BG have been through some stuff together and he has come out on the upside, if you know what I mean. Only a true friend will move you, even if you rent the truck. She will be back later for the cat and Noler.  

Meanwhile, my washer and dryer are shot to hell.  I swear to you I start the dryer with hemostats, thanks to Juan Garcia and his rigging skills.  I have pretty hair at a reasonable price thanks to Headlines.  And there's always Hempz for dry skin.  There is nothing in this WORLD like the real thing.  Since starting this post I've slept and grocery shopped only to find that the cat is still here because she hid outside when Lauren stopped by to get her last night.  I think she's mad because of all the forward motion!

 I am somewhat depressed, not in a boo hoo kind of way but just zero motivation to do anything other than hang out like a slug.  Like Lorna and I say "one foot in front of the other."  Her load just got heavier and she's a million miles away with two kids to raise.  We have watched our daughters fight the devil and win sometimes.  I pray that is the case right now for both of them.

The weather is gorgeous and the colors so bright it's almost obscene.  And still, I sit in the house not wanting to do anything I don't absolutely have work.  At this point that's a salvation, I suppose.  I don't do well at ALL without structure.  Autumn does that to a girl sometimes, especially when her family just got separated.  We went through a lot of change in a short period of time and are somewhat still in shock.  We're still getting EOBs on Daddy from the surgery-thon and as you all know, it's expensive to die.  Thank goodness they have good insurance.

By the time I was BG's age I had a two year old tow head with me most times.  My single years came in my early twenties and she wasn't born for five years after the marriage.  We honestly thought it was not going to happen until I had a biopsy and BOOM something got opened up.  Nine months later, she came out kicking and screaming.  We are co-dependent and aware of it and have chosen to preserve our relationship by moving on.  I never thought I'd say this, but she's my best friend.  I always wanted my mother to be a friend but she was too busy with the boys to do much other than school me in cooking and the finer points of southern etiquette.  Thank you notes, a must.   Sweet tea and debutante balls.  When I was in high school there was a sorority that anybody who was anybody got picked out as a rat.  The hazing was torture and there was "hell week" when they got treated like crap.  Once I got a look at all that, I passed on induction and even got a "second" chance a couple of years later.  While all them were up early on Saturdays selling cookies, I was sleeping in.  I am not a joiner by any means.  Groups come with power issues  that can come out sideways when members don't agree to disagree.  That is why I feel so strongly about Bernie at this point.  He sent back the extra money because "it's the law."  You get 'em dude.


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