Wednesday, October 7, 2015

the book

Everybody's favorite thing to say to me is you should write a book.  I thought about it back in the labor intensive days of floppy disks and blinking cursors.  At the time I was an an avid reader of the Faith section of the Commercial Appeal, particularly fond of David Waters and several that followed him.  Their coverage of religious issues at street level is the closest many people will ever be to knowing poverty as a lifestyle.  I remember back when both parents needed taken every damn where and I thought to myself "will this ever end?" I don't feel guilty about it either.  We have known for some time that it  wasn't a safe situation and  God took care of the details.    The fields are banded with gold on green where the beans are changing.  It's a sight to behold around that old barn where Babygirl, Trapper and Pride once stomped.  .  

Now bear with me because  it's huuuummp day.  I know that I am still actively grieving, letting go of the past in little snippets and big heaves.  Ownership of property in the absence of healthy respect for its' heritage is a sin, I do believe Jesus would say.  We learn from the past and move toward the light, umkay?   I don't care if you have a zillion guns as long as they are licensed and purchased legally, not online.  There's the kicker, kids.  That business is right up there with the Koch brothers.  Cops need AKs.  Johnny I-hate-everything and you're next definitely does not.  Go.Away.

So it seems we're in two different camps on the issue.  Mental health?  A hot mess.  Gun sales?  Bigger than ever!  Remember how cops got overloaded in places like Ferguson and others and freaked the fuck OUT.   This is anarchy and eventually all the king's men won't be able to fix it.  Not even Superman.  I have a glimmer of faith that gets a bit brighter every day.  Watching young people get excited about the election is the coolest thing I've ever seen.  No candidate that I can remember has really done that.  He cuts to the chase and calls you out in a heartbeat which is totally the easiest way rather than all this thrashing and memeing about with mad little trolls spewing vile things. TOzzy my ass. 

If I had a dime for every partisan discussion I've had I'd be in Fiji and able to buy my own Sugardaddy.  I was raised by Republican Beaver Cleaver type folks and actually campaigned for Lamar once before I know what I know now.  John Jay Hooker was the one with the catchy song and a liberal I do believe.   Governor Bredesen was one of the best I've seen for a redneck state like Tennessee.  Since his party left office, the state education system has shall we say "downsized".  I did notice that our local community college has partnered with UTM for dual studies which is way cool.  

All we are saying is give peace a chance........


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