Saturday, October 17, 2015

heart of gold

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Lily the bitch cat got left out in the middle of nowhere for a couple of days but is now safely at Pecan Lane.  You should have seen the dogs run when she jumped out of Shannah's car.  BabyMan jumped out right behind her looking all handsome in his new jeans and fall shirt.  Oh, and he called me Grammaw, by the way.  While Lily was snuggling my back, he sat on the floor reading from Mary Engelbreit's fairy tale book.  

I came away from this week with a healthy respect for the law and all the nuances involved like judges and bonds.  Since it's all privatized outsourced down to the phone calls, one can see how it's a steady stream of income for contractors.  That being said, I do so believe in the 4th amendment which is something that local law enforcement agencies tend to overlook.  What happened this week was a wake up call for a lot of people.  I am astounded at the amount of love and support that has poured from the hearts and mouths of our friends.  The last time I talked to my daughter she was being arrested.  Her public record is now on a government website looking like a serious bad hair day from OITNB.

The sawmill was pretty much a cluster today with lots of impatience on the part of fast trackers because....TAT.  Turned out to be just a lack of communication.  We ate twice which is a blessing on an 8 hour shift.  Nobody died that I know of, and if they did the FH will be there shortly.  Other than that?  I cried a lot and got mucho hugs and phone calls.  There is a list a mile long now of details to tend to and loose ends to be tied up.  Let's just pray the Camry holds up because we are seriously car poor around here.  The Cadi has been parked in the pine grove since Noler died and the truck came.  Nobody will buy it because the title is in BK court.  You can NOT make this shit up.

Fairy dust to you and yours ~.

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