Friday, October 2, 2015

dead to me

The nameless guy who slaughtered college students in Oregon is history, hell bent on a death wish that was chronicled as he watched others go down in a blaze of glory and blogged it.  People died, lives were saved and candles lit.  The bottom line is that without firearms, those people would be alive just like the kids at Sandy Hook.  Who remembers watching what'shisname with the red hair smeared all over the MSM for months.  We are drawn to this kind of train wreck mortality because we can sigh and say "thank god it's not me."  Only someday it will be you and yours if gun laws are not amended and mental health processes made more patient friendly.  We have become a society of zombies thanks to big pharm, self medicating to maintain sanity in a roller coaster world.  And no, I never miss a happy pill.

As a firm believer of the liberties promised by the constitution I cherish the American right to bear arms for defense or food.   There is no place in modern society for automatic weapons except for an easy dolla' at firing ranges or shooting up a room full of innocents.  My heroes in this entire fiasco are the two veterans who made wise tactical moves in the face of unbelievable horror...and even after all that bravery and smarts, pundits and people dead set on their cause split hairs over who is right about right to carry.  Get over your bad selves people.  No reasonable person doesn't want cops to have guns and use them responsibly.  It's that shooting randoms that gets 'em in trouble.  Everybody has a camera dude...remember? So today our favorite Bush said that "stuff happens."  Um.  Right on brother.  Donald Trump is gonna' eat you for breakfast.

My newest favorite series is Entourage because if you can't have Cusak, Piven will do.  And for once, BG returned the discs on time so it's just me and Nip Tuck.  I've been limping for a couple of weeks and showed up on time for MFR fun with Gay.  It's nice to be able to point to where it actually hurts instead of hurting all over.  In case you don't know about this form of therapy, you should Google John Barnes.  He's the guru, if you know what I mean.

Tomorrow morning is haircut and I can't wait.  Then have lunch with Mom and a gathering mission including cauliflower.  Ms. Faye called today, really missing her son and wanting to talk which we did, at length.  She will always be a part of our family  'til death do us part.  I think Babyman is coming so there will be cute pictures if he's still long enough.  Heck, it's Friday night of spring break.  Let's get crazy .  MEANWHILE thousands of local artisans have gathered at historic Reelfoot Lake selling everything from kettle corn to jewelry.  Today was the annual benefit for our community cancer fund where local volunteers do it up right and by-pass the American Cancer Society and their regional offices.  Also a smart move.

Like I told the FedEx lady....happy Friday ^j^

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