Friday, October 30, 2015


Let's all hold hands and sing that one shall we?  Let me start by saying that I try to be perpetually upbeat even in the face of difficult odds such as those or recent months.  I googled the obits today to find when my aunt Ginner died which was January 2.  What a harbinger of the year to come.  My trusted friend Christy was there with us and made a rough situation very lovely.  She  left our workplace shortly thereafter because she's a mom and lives an hour away.  Once upon a time she was my sister-in-law.  Small small world.  It was her idea to get an ag jacket for somebody in Daddy's honor for Christmas. Her father was the high school agriculture teacher back in the day at Newbern.  

William the appliance guy just left and assured me that he would get estimates from his bosses and holla' back.  It's only a year and a half old man!  The motor is dead, board and all.  He tricked it with suction to make it drain and spin which was a cool trick.  No water spilled so maybe the tub's not cracked and it's just a seal.  We shall see.  After work errands included court house (twice) and THP office.  No SR22 yet so, umm.  It's Friday, you know?  Everybody's looking to scoot out the door.  There are three kids on a four wheeler with full gear cruising the lane and the dogs love it.  They even kept company with William down there on the kitchen floor and gave him kisses.  

We have a big day planned ( and I say that loosely ) for Sunday with Baby Sister and  company after church in the rain.  I knew there was a divine reason I found those big ass umbrellas.  I've had this stomach bug that is like diverticular IBS on Red Bull and it's about taken me down today.  Nothing hurts worse than that kind of cramping over an extended period.  Just so you know, I got the flu shot.  

One of the corporate mandated "lessons" we have at the sawmill is on empathy.  I've never noticed that one before and it kind of struck me as odd that you have to teach people how to do that.  I'm one of  those who picks up everybody's pain and carries it around with me while ignoring my own.  That, my friends, is the definition of co-dependency.  As always, it's in finding balance.  

My smiling little friend Gracie is a princess for Halloween parade and trick or treat, looking like a doll.  BabyMan is the hulk and he had that face on when he dropped by last night hollering for "TT".  This little dude can pull off the meanest baby face you've ever seen...kind of like those cardboard ones at the 'gentral.    I bought a player from them on the fly the other day for FORTY bucks and it lasted three days.  If you know me at all, you will figure out that there's no receipt in sight but there is a box.  I will be hitting up FourPoints Diane shortly.

Just talked to mama between a Bubba visit and dinner with friends.  They start rounding them up about 4:30 you know.  I threw out a request for good news yesterday and was amazed at how many people shouted it loud and clear.  That is what's up.  

Serenity ~  


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