Saturday, October 3, 2015

weekend update

Two benadryl and a BP pill allowed me to sleep for 11 hours only waking now and then to clear out the drainage down my throat.  Allergies are at an all time devil level around here and now it's too cold to run the air!  After venturing out to pay the rent and get my hair cut ( didn't happen BUT I met the new stylist that will be my BFF.)  The salon is right next door to the hottest breakfast spot in town and they were spilling over into the empty parking lot from eggs'n'doughnuts.  The five year run of free breakfast on Daddy was spent partly there and partly at other places like Mel's Diner and Perkins, which is no more.  Their tables were always sticky anyway, and now in their place is a brand new CVS, like we need another discount pharmacy.

All the yammering about gun control is getting on my nerves so I'm kind of bowing out of that conversation because basically we all agree that it's messed up when people get murdered for no reason other than somebody is off their meds and looking to make a name for themselves.  It gives us some sort of sad diversion from what is happening to society as a whole which is a total breakdown of values.  Notice I didn't say FAMILY values because those survive in spite of a shitty economy and cash driven political system.  Babyman is in full scream mode and has been since arriving last night.    When he saw me he hollered "Grammaw!"  so I scooped his ass up and threw him on the bed.  TT gave him a bath and I went to sleepy  time.  Gizmo comes too so that's an extra two players in our little menagerie of pets and people.

My daughter was a student at Dyersburg State when they were held hostage for several hours, and fortunately  wasn't in class.  The shooter was an out of towner on some kind of demented mission to be like the idiots in Paducah.  One of the best surgeons I know  tended to those victims.  Since then it has become a total clusterfuck of gun free zones and sitting ducks.  This much, I know.  My biggest struggle is with the NRA and their blatant disregard for lives lost in the face of these tragedies.  All they can say is "guns don't kill people...people do."  Well, duh.  Oh, and there's my all time favorite "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Hate and anger have forevermore fueled violence.  The only thing that can fix that particular root of all evil is a keen awareness of survival skills so that when the zombies come, and I think they already have, we have the courage to love others with tolerance and understanding of their lifestyles and ethnic or religious backgrounds.  If there is one true God of the universe, the rest is just details.  Take that Kim Davis.  Big Ernie will get you for that one.

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