Wednesday, July 8, 2015

turkey in the hay beans

The soybeans that got planted after first pass on wheat have begun to come up amongst the stubble all no till and shit which I totally love.  There is nothing quite as scary as a wheat field on fire plus it stinks and looks ugly.  As I inched toward the lane I spotted a turkey knee deep in wheat straw just picking away at it much like the deer have been doing.  Country living at its' finest!  I want some chickens but that will have to wait until another day and time.  I've heard they eat all the bad bugs so there's that.

Yesterday was a long one and the first of four that promise to be that way.  I did get home by 2:30 which is usually the goal but rarely happens.  It's hot as hades and stormed last night as I was drifting off to neverland.  It's amazing how soundly I rest now that $$ and grands are not a 24/7 worry.   Being financially strapped which is where a whole helluva lot of folks find themselves, gives rise to all sorts of free floating anxiety about "what if"  I lose my job.  Or my insurance.  Or my car to get to work and buy insurance.  My appetite has finally returned and I've eaten more in the past three days than I have in eons.  Gotta watch out for the end times though and grow your own food.  I have one big squash bloom and a few on the tomato plant.

It's a slow news day when the only headline is about some guard at a privatized prison getting moved to a county courthouse.  I figure that whole institution is punishing the ones who were just doing their jobs while a few did the deed and helped convicted murderers escape.  I'm sure there was money involved, don't you think?  I'm enjoying the little things right now like having the cash to stop and get a coke or lunch or a beer or five.  Previously, it was all a juggling game mostly on paper.  I'm lucky my bank loves me.

As it turns out, ER docs don't sign death certificates because then they would be in court all the time and not working for the man like me.  I chatted with several peers today about the process and it reverts to the PCP if the deceased has been seen in the past four months, which Pnoler had.  It was like an episode of CSI trying to figure out the doc's name when it was right there on an EOB from May.  BG is still exhausted and so am I.  We tread lightly and talk just enough to be sure we're both okay.  I'm respecting her space right now and it's a painful one that can only be navigated alone.

I may have mentioned before that it wasn't until ten years after my grandmother's passing that I grieved for my deathbed experience with her.  My family and I take for granted the knowledge that I have which helps us to figure things out with healthcare but I sure feel sorry for those who don't know an MRI from STAT. You're at the mercy of those who truly like helping people.

Y'all should really take daddy some candy.  Room 111 at the home :)

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