Tuesday, July 7, 2015

survivor pecan lane

Today was 13 day and I'm grateful I didn't have flat on the way to Shannon Street in the trusty old Camry. Maybe the THP would help a girl out on the side of the road, ya' think?  I actually took the time to research animal totems recently and learned the meaning of multiple snake and deer sightings.  Sounds like I'm in a good place.  Lake county cuz called to check on us and I caught up with her after sawmill duty.  She has a lot on her plate too but still offers help whenever we need it.

I had time to kill between then and the sawmill gathering so I paid ATT and did some "mandatory" training on my off time because it's way too busy to get it done while saving lives.  Hey..we do what we can do, ya' know?  Daddy is still being nice over at the home and his roomie got moved so it's just him and the teevee until somebody new shows up.  Mom went to visit him today and deliver clean undies.  Her driver is also 80+ and I'm sure she buckles up, unlike me.  BG and I talked about my seat belt ticket and decided I was pretty lucky considering all the chances I take with a 14 year old Toyota.

I failed to listen to BAD's directions and ended up over by the Methodist church by mistake so I promptly pulled over and called to ask where I was in relation to the federal building.  That Chester street exit is tricky for out of towners.  The guards and scanners were as expected and they kind of laughingly told me to put it all "in the tub."  The closest bathroom was in the basement with one sink that works and another that doesn't plus no paper towels.  Or even hand sanitizer!  I blame Obama. On 412 today I noticed my friend's farm equipment place and stopped by to get a hug on return to the 'burg. He was missing but his lovely wife Suzanne gave me a big old hug and let me use the ladies room.  Lots'o'tractors around that place, if you know what I mean.


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