Wednesday, July 1, 2015

parental medical update

To make a very long story short, Daddy did not have his right inguinal hernia repaired yesterday because it became un-strangulated PLUS the site of the left repair from about 20 years ago turned out to be massively infected.  The surgeon said they noticed the other side pre-op and kind of opened it up and ewwwwww. Old staphy mesh.  There will be  some time in skilled care for wound vac, antibiotics and restricted activity so the new one doesn't get out of whack prior to repair.  Not sure of the time frame but thank goodness I have a day off for transport.  Mom already has his suitcase packed including the newspaper.  He told me to pick one up remembering the days when he was a volunteer and they were fo' free.  I didn't even have three quarters to rub together for that one.  TCM is his new best friend.  There was lots of drama while he was coming out of anesthesia and it was all settled by phone with my work peeps.  What.A.Blessing.

I'm still in a fog from all those hours awake, sleeping for awhile but then waking up like you do when not on a normal schedule or anything resembling it.  I saw my friend Dianne today at the sawmill and she looked beautiful as ever.  There's something about a bald head and ball cap that gets me every time.  I didn't have on my faith bracelet but got a huge hug anyway.  After serving the patients ( and getting Daddy settled ) I stopped by to check on Mom and found her visiting with her favorite nurse Angie.  Yesterday Delores brought muffins and was thankfully there when I got  home to give an update.  Way too much drama, y'all.  I'm feeling like an episode of ER meets Orange is the New Black.  Where's that chicken?

My brothers are busy with their own lives and check in often enough to know when somebody is in immediate danger of dying but it's mostly my job because I'm a girl.  And the oldest.  And the closest in distance.  I can honestly say that without my partnership with BG on this, I would have already  had  a heart attack myself.  I need to relax so badly but hesitate, knowing that it's touch and go with old people in the balance.  Angie told me that dealing with health crises of her own family members is what drove her to become a nurse.  That's what's up.  When I think about the pain my father has been suffering  and not getting help, I feel like it was a blessing in disguise that the pus pocket got found.  After all this, he'll live to be 120.

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