Friday, July 10, 2015

mad skills

We all have them, those things which make us unique and valuable to a team.  One of the beautiful things about diversity is that when we all come together for good, Big Ernie takes the lead.  It's only through harsh times in the desert that we learn to rely on his strength.  There are harpies everywhere who will call me a witch because I don't capitalize the name of our creator in every context.  So, burn me at the stake.  You gotta catch me first.

Mom had a busy day with hair/daddy visit/doctor and between Tippi and Bubba they got her from there to here.  He's on vacation so that worked out.  My friend Lori left expectedly but unexpectedly isn't coming back and I will miss her.  She showed up at just the time that I was about to lose faith with the whole parents' thing and allowed me a bit of rest.  She's a hard worker and has elderly parents of her own to take care of.  Love ya girl....mean it.

The wreath from Pnoler's funeral is laying in the sun on the porch swing getting drier by the day but that's okay because it's sunflowers and pods.  A big thank you to KK for advice on that plus a whole lot more.  It's insanely hot and humid which is, I suppose, normal for mid-July.  I spent today in a conference room with several nurses of the year and other assorted great thinkers.  White boards and markers with post its are our best friends.  My partner will be AWOL for a long weekend at the lake but I'm just grateful that I've been teamed up with her because she's a go-getter and very detail oriented, much unlike myself.  Plus she's a lot younger.  The one individual that I spotted across the room from me looked weary  like the rest of us and I remembered when she put herself through nursing school while tending bar at her husband's place.  She has done home health with my parents as well.  Nurse of the year, I'm just saying.

BG is full time now and putting in a lot of hours during the training  process.  I guess they want to see if she'll stick with it, and I understand that.  Not everybody is cut out for caregiving as a profession.  When folks end up in the hospital they want to be treated nicely.  As we all know, stuff happens and I've even been the cause of it.  That being said, the truly loyal ones will keep on trying to make it perfect and "as if" the patient were a family member.  I've had lots of practice with that lately.  The same applies for care delivered in the home on taxpayer funded programs.  Do no harm and try to help people.

It's Friday and officially beer thirty.  I'll have one for your mama'n'them.


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